Monday, February 25, 2008

Happiest Place On Earth...

Well now that I'm feeling better and not going to spend the rest of month in bed...I decided I'd finally post some pictures of our recent visit to DisneyLand. You'd think that we'd be tired of it by now, but NO! The best thing about the Annual Passport is that you really don't feel bad only going for a few hours.

We'd gotten a little bit of a late start because Lauren slept in until 9am. Once we got in and put our heavy coats, gloves, hats and anything else that was heavy into the locker, it was time to start out. Lauren is getting really good at reading the map, giving me directions to the nearest potty. It was such a pretty day! I was amazed that it was so warm and it wasn't really crowded like I'd expected.

As we got up to the top of Main Street. I was going to take a picture of the castle, when Lauren asked if she could take one. I gave her a "quick lesson", put the neck strap on her and let her go. The following pictures are all ones that she took all by herself. She understood about the focus, and the wide angle, etc. I thought these were really good. So the rest of the day, she took pictures.

It was getting close to lunch time, so we decided to go to our "Favorite" place...the "Princess Fantasy Faire". The kids were so hungry and ate all their lunch and they wanted to color for a while. Lady Eleanor came and sat beside them. Jack told her that he wanted a trash truck. He was very chatty. I think he likes girls.

If your wondering what that is on their faces, it's face paint. Lauren loves to get her face painted. Jack has never wanted to do it before. This time, there was a cute girl doing it, he said he wanted to hold my hand and he wanted a dinosaur, and GREEN GLITTER! Lauren and I were so surprised. He kept it on all day and even wore it the next.

Jack really wanted to ride the train so we parked the stroller and rode the train around the park. I'm always amazed that the dinosaur part is just like it was when I went to "Grad Nite" in high school. Lauren took more pictures. We rode the Monerail to Downtown Disney and since I thought it would be fun to eat at Goofy's Kitchen for dinner. We went to see if we could get it. No more reservations, but we were told to come back at 5pm.

Off to California Adventure. It's not something we do every time. The Disney Playhouse was closed, but we went to Bug Town. Lauren and I laughed so hard at Jack. We were on the LadyBugs (sort of like the Teacups, but you can't turn them). He was all ready to go and it started...I thought he was going to jump into my arms. Then he started laughing with us and he was fine.

He wasn't too sure about the 3d bug show either, but never cried, just wanted to hold my hand. Lauren kept taking pictures. Even took one of me changing Jack's diaper (not shown for obvious reasons).

I looked at the time, it was close to when we should head over to "Goofy's Kitchen". What luck, we walked up, asked for an opening and were taken right in! I know people wait months for this. I love this place. It's got good kid friendly food, table service and the characters come to your running after them. Goofy stopped by the table and asked who Lauren's favorite Princess was. She said Snow White. Goofy then drew a remarkable picture of Snow White. Jack wanted something drawn too! Guess what? A TRASH TRUCK! Goofy thought about it for a minute then drew a truck with a can of stinky trash on the back! Those pictures were talked about by everyone. Needless to say, we saved them. In case you forgot...this is when I started feeling really sick. I was so glad that we were sitting in an air-conditioned place. The kids were so good. Eating all sorts of stuff and never complaining. While I went and got our food, one of the waiters sat with them. It was really cool!

We rode the Monarail back to Disneyland. By this time, I just wasn't sure I was going to make it much longer. Chills, fever, coughing, etc. I found a place to sit and explained to the kids that "Grammy was sick and I didn't think I could stay any longer". Lauren and her sweet spirit and heart. "It's okay Grammy, we can come again when you feel better. I don't want you sick". How could I not melt?

As it was, we were there 7 hours and really did have a great time at the Happiest Place On Earth !

Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's Over!

Last night I sent out a quick e-mail telling people that the TRO against us had been denied. I couldn't go into any great detail (and still can't here), but would like all of you to know that it was the biggest weight lifted off our shoulders.

The judge talked about credibilty in his ruling, and this is what is so important. I think that's actually what helped me get through that l-o-n-g day on the witness stand. I knew in my heart that I was telling the truth.

As difficult as these past 8 months have been dealing with this, it's finally over and we can move forward and fully enjoy our life here. Even though we know that there is some legal stuff going on, we can handle it.

In almost 41 years of marriage, this by far has been one of, if not THE most stressful thing we have endured. I'm so glad we had each other to lean on.

In case your wondering, I am feeling better. I've spent today lying low. I think after the stress of yesterday and the days leading up to it, may have set me back a day, but I do feel better.

So now maybe I'll get back into my daily blogs.



Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Nightstand...

As you can tell, I'm not feeling very well. Last Friday, while at Disneyland with the kids, I felt like I had been hit by a truck! We even ended up leaving early (before the fireworks). I spent all Saturday pretty much in bed with a dripping nose and just sleeping. Sunday felt better, Monday felt better. The came Tuesday and the flight home.

It was probably the longest flight I'd ever been on. I took cough medicine, decongestant and anything I could before getting on the plane. By the time we landed, my ears were plugged and I just needed sleep.

Yesterday, I woke up realizing I was really sick! I needed to see a dr. to get some heavy duty drugs. I did, so now my nightstand looks like the picture above.

I've literaly spent a whole day in bed. So unlike me. I've got a lot to do because I have an all day court day tomorrow.

Well, more later from beautiful Waialua.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

San Clemente

Well today, everyone that I talked to said "you should have been here yesterday". They were telling me about how warm it had been the few days before I got here. Now, it's freezing, looks like rain, foggy, and a high wind warning.

I'm here because Traci is at a swim show. It's better for her to buy me a ticket to come over to watch the kids instead of paying for a babysitter at $25.00/hr. The airfares are pretty reasonable right now too.

I was glad that it worked out because I got to see Lauren and her class do their chapel performance. The theme was "Helping In Our Community". She did great with her memorized part. Later in the day, I read a book in her class as part of the AR Reading program. Then gave the students the comprehension quiz. Waialua Elementary School uses the same program, so I was familar with it.

Lauren was so excited to show me her new bike and how she had learned to ride it. At Christmas when we were here, her friends got new bikes without training wheels. So she decided she was going to learn and with some help had it mastered within a few hours. She was excited to show me how she goes up and down the driveways.

Lauren has really grown up in the last few months. She's grown three inches taller, her uniforms are now short on her. She loves her school and loves to read. She can pretty much sound out any word.

Jack ...makes me laugh. We're working on potty training. He wants to go to "big boy school" so he knows he has to wear big boy pants. He was sitting on the potty after dinner and told me he couldn't go because he had a headache! I just laughed. He's such a boy. He is a lover, but also all boy. Just a whirlwind. Today while Lauren was riding her bike, he was on a big wheel in the dirt.

I'm staying in the mobil home. It's nice to have a good bed to sleep in. But it's cold in here! We've decided it's because there isn't any furniture. The last time Terry was here, he painted the kitchen so it looks really nice. Last night I worked on removing the wallpaper in one of the bathrooms...slow job. It just takes time.
My body time clock is off. It's still on Hawaii time. It's almost midnight here, so I need to get to bed, otherwise tomorrow will be a really long day!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Uncle Roy

We got the news that Terry's uncle Roy has passed away. Rosie, his wife called and has spoken to both of us. She's very sad, but on the other had glad that Roy isn't suffering anymore. Roy is the last of the original Moysa children from parents that came to Canada from Europe. He was actually the youngest child of 11.

Rosie told both of us how deeply Roy had been affected by dad's passing. Both of us are glad that he's not suffering any longer and is able to be reunited with his family.

He had some great stories to tell that's for sure. I'm glad that I had done that family history scrapbook and geneology for him last year. I don't think he liked being the "last one".

aloha nui loa, a hui hou Uncle Roy

Sunday, February 10, 2008


I've decided that on the North Shore there are really two things that make people really, really happy...sun and lines.

The sun for the most obvious reasons. The streets dry out, no more mud puddles that you either have to drive through or try to go around. Sometimes driving through them is a hazard. The dreaded "pot holes". Here in Hawaii, we joke that whole cars have been lost when trying to drive across them.

Laundry can hang on the line and actually get dry, instead of being naturally rinsed by the rain a couple of times. Slippers can dry out. The long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts are put away when the sun is out.

The second thing that really gets people excited are LINES. I don't mean the lines at Foodland or Malama or the line of cars crawling past Chuns or Lanikea. Not the lines of tourist outside of Aoki's or Matsamoto's waiting for shave ice. It itsn't even the fishing lines that hang off the bridges.

It's the line of waves forming on the horizon that really get people excited! Those lines mean that plans change, parking is hard to find and everyone checks out the surf. People from town can't wait to come to the country to either surf or just to check it out. This means more cars at all the really good surf breaks. Driving past you see people (guys mostly) with cell-phones to their ears, probably giving a surf report to a friend. Broken board are on the beach. There isn't any of that "you should've been here yesterday!" talk (it's going off now). There are surfers in the water until the sun goes down, gotta have just one more ride.

This picture was taken from above Velzyland. Terry and I were going to the windward side to buy plants and could see that the surf was huge. We drove up the hill to get a better view. One after the other the lines were formed. The sound, even from up above was loud. We stood and watched it for a long time, just amazed at the power. In case your wondering, it was probably only 12 feet. 18 at the most. Not big enough to have "the Eddie". That has to be 25-30feet for them to old that. Because the surf wasn't in that "out of control" stage, more people were able to take advantage of it.

The sun was out, so it made the water that aqua-blue color you see in pictures. Because the surf was big, the contrast of the white/blue was breathtaking.
Just another beautiful day in Hawai'i nei

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Remember how excited we were that the sun had come out? We're back into a rain pattern for a few days. I keep getting "flash flood warning" pop ups on my computer. These systems are actually going by pretty fast, but while it's here it's amazing. If I'm home and it starts, I have to run around the house and close all the windows (we usually keep the tops open).

I was watching Terry yesterday when it started. Usually it's not too bad, and it passes so quickly that you can just stand under a tree until it stops. This is what he did, but it just kept on raining and started blowing. By the time he got into the house, he was soaked! The rain must have stopped within a minute.

Terry and I drove to Haleiwa to the Post Office and stopped to look at the surf. While sitting there, we could actually see the rain moving away and towards the mountian. What looks like fog or mist is actually heavy rain passing through. In the second picture, these were just some people fishing in the early evening. This actually Haleiwa Boat harbor, but in the background you can see the mountain with the misty clouds.
I'm trying to fight off a bit of a cold. Everyone in the neighborhood has been sick with something. Since Terry just got home yesterday and I don't want him to get sick...I slept in the middle bedroom on the futon. Actually was pretty comfortable. I feel much better this morning. Hope the sun comes out today so we can go for a swim. I know that would make me feel better.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


LOST...the show I waited months for, the show we got a DVR for, the show that films practically in our back yard, the show that absolutly makes me crazy!!

Since LOST is filmed here, there is always something in the newspaper or on the news about it. We know people who work on the show. We've seen the actors driving around, (Desmond & Locke), on the street(Locke), even the hardware store (Hurley). There are even group "viewing" parties around town. No, I've never gone to one...I need quiet when I watch it.

I read a short clip in this mornings paper. It said that there would be more answers tonight. HAH! Just more questions:

  1. Who ARE these people?
  2. Why do they want Ben?
  3. It showed the whole plane under water, but wait we saw it break apart. Remember season 1 and the pilot being taken through the window?
  4. Was that guy a "Ghost Buster"?
  5. Who does Ben have on their ship?
  6. Who IS that tall, black, scary guy?

I'll have to go back and watch it again on our DVR, wait another week for "answers", hope the strike ends soon so our friends can go back to work and hope the strike ends soon so they can go back to filming in our town! I LOVE THIS SHOW!
a hui hou,

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Sun Came Out!

I guess with a title like that, I give the impression that we're once again experiencing something like the 40+ days and nights of rain in 2006. It's really nothing like that at all. Just rain at night and cloudy during the day. Something like 79degrees and 75% humidity. We've been getting the weather from the west coast, so there haven't been too many days without clouds.

This morning, before I went to school, it looked pretty nice, so I thought I'd get the quilt washed from the guest room. I was surprised when I left school and it was still very sunny. Got the quilt hung on the line and the "cat-a-walling" from next door started. I went ahead and answered a few e-mails and talked to Terry about his uncle's condition.

Since it didn't seem like there'd be any peace anytime soon, I decided to go to the beach. Got my suit on, towel, chair and mindless reading material and headed off. I was just hoping that maybe just for an hour it would be clear. As you can see by the was beautiful! I went to Chuns Reef. I was a little aprehensive about going in the water, since there was some surf. So glad I went in. With all that's going on I just felt I needed some "time". I also felt like I might be getting sick, just a cough. The Hawaiians believe that the ocean cures all. Have a cut, go in the ocean. Sore muscles, go in the ocean. Cough or cold, go in the ocean. I really did feel so much better after swimming and just looking at the sky, clouds and clear water. As I sat there more than on person commented on how great the sun felt. Didn't matter that the surf wasn't that big, just nice to be outside.
I was so glad that the Sun Came Out!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sad News


I got home from hula tonight and turned on my computer to check e-mails. I saw that there was one from Terry's aunt in Arizona. She'd written to me a few days ago and I answered this morning.

Anyway, she was very chatty. Mostly about the mobile home in San Clemente and stuff like that. The she types "now for the bad news". Because of her tone at the beginning of the e-mail, I couldn't imagine. The thought crossed my mind that it was something to do with Gerald. She goes on to say that Uncle Roy is now in hospice and not expected to survive more than a few days. He's been dealing with heart problems and diabetes.

I looked at the clock and realized it was way to late to call her. I'll do it early our time. I need to get a hold of Terry in Orlando. Funny almost two years to the day that I spent all night trying to locate him to tell him about his dad. He was also in Florida at that time.

Because we've gone through this before, I know that this is for the best. Rosie said that he was just so tired of fighting the battle. When it becomes clear that the end is near, it really is a blessing. We'd always thought that Uncle Roy would "go" before dad, because he'd always been so ill with different things.

Please keep us in your prayers. I know that Terry will be so glad that he talked to him on Christmas Day and how happy Roy was. I just thought of something funny, now all the Moysa children (12) will all be together again! No more pain or suffering.


Monday, February 4, 2008


Aloha from beautiful Waialua! This is my very first attempt at blogging. I thought this might be a great way to pass along news, photos, etc., without clogging up your e-mails. I've always written notes to myself and have found that journaling is a great release. So we'll see.

As many of you know, we're involved continuing litigation with the neighbors. We just completed our 8th court date on their TRO hearing. A TRO is a temporary restraining order. We were awarded one against them a year ago. This has to do with their continued harassment of us. In June of 2007, they filed this against us. So we've spent all this time defending ourselves. This is the second time they've done this to us, loosing the first one against us. They have also lost the other two they tried to get against people here.

I think the hardest part of this, is that it's made me question myself. Not that, for a minute, do I beleive what they're accusing us of. When I went to see the psychologist in December, she put it all into perspective, but there's just that hint of "self-doubt".

We're hoping that the judge will through out their petition and award us fees and costs for having to defend ourselved against this frivilous lawsuit. They also have filed an appeal with the state Supreme maybe that will also be thrown out.

Now on to some more pleasant things. We've had a lot of rain the last few days. Today ended up being so pretty. A little on the cool side (75 degrees), but the sun came out and there was the most spectacular rainbow. Lucky we live Hawaii.
Geoff just left today. The house he'd rented for his team (Analog/Gravis) was supposed to be closed up, but they extended for a couple more weeks. He'd already had his ticket booked, and decided to come anyway. It was nice to have him here. He helped Terry and I with some stuff around here. I can't remember the last time that we actually spent time with only him. One evening, he and I went over to the neighbor's house, Ed & Laura, their six week old baby boy was having his "irritable" time. Geoff was holding him and got him to quiet down. He and Ed weren't talking about surf, they were talking about baby rearing! I watched him and realized that my "baby" actually was giving baby advice. Strange feeling:)

I didn't realize how long this first effort would take. I think I'll explore the site more and see what I can change.

Aloha and a hui hou,