Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Two Lovelies...

I was asked if I could take some "before Prom" pictures of
my friend's daughters.  I started to worry about it but Taylor
made it so easy.  Since she had been Miss Teen Hawaii,
she knew the poses and exactly what she wanted.

The prom was at the Hilton so we took some on the beach

and then moved to more shaded, grassy area.

Jordan was also going to the Prom, so I took some photos of these 
two pretty sisters...

two of my favorite pictures of the day...

thanks so much for letting me be a part of this fun day.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Day of Service...

Saturday was the "day of service" for Hawaii and California.
In Hawaii members showed up to clean and repair schools, beaches,
and beach parks.  Repairing rock walls, weeding and clearing
storm debris were some of the jobs.

Waialua Ward filled over 100 trash bags at Kaiaka Beach Park.

"unless we lose ourselves in service to others, there is little purpose to our own lives." President Monson

Friday, April 26, 2013

Storytelling Contest...

it's that time of year again, Storytelling Contest at Waialua Elementary.
I love this.
Students practice in their classes, two are chosen from each class to present
in front of the school.

A 9's own Maika and Tiare...

some of the girls were so excited...

Maika presenting his "Alligator and the Dentist"

Tiare and her babysitter poem

All of the contestants... they all did so well

the exact moment Maika realized he was the GOLD MEDAL winner

Mahalo Kawanis Club for putting on the Story Telling contest and judging

Mrs. Millwood and the kiddos

a very proud mama

 Maika and Mrs. Lloyd

Good Job everyone!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sweet & Spicy Celebration...

it's that time of year when schools honor their staffs, certificated and classified.
Waialua Elementary did just that last week with a great lunch at
"Great Wall Restaurant " in Wahiawa.  
It was a great celebration of Kimi and Tumua.  Good (great) food, Good friends,
and good fun!

Mahalo Kimi and Tumua for your dedication and love 
to the students of Waialua Elementary.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ka Ua...

there are more than 100 words for rain in Hawaiian.
The general word used is, ua.  Not describing a specific type of rain, or where it comes, from, 
how it falls or sounds, just rain.

as of late we've had a lot of rain. So much so that the plumerias haven't
really started to bloom, just scant leaves.  

Seems like almost daily there have been flash flood warnings coming over my phone.
I was telling hubby about it the other day.  Pouring, straight down, no wind rain in
Waialua.  I had to drive up to Sunset and not one drop, not even wet streets.  It had
stopped when I got to Long Bridge.

I've always said that in Hawaii people know how to live in the rain.  They drive slower,
life goes on pretty normal, everyone has an umbrella and it's usually warm.

I like the rain most of the time.  But now I'm ready for some days of real sun.
I'm feeling a little water-logged.  Part of this feeling comes from this...

It's been warm...humid warm and no wind.  Running the fans on low all the time to stir up
the air.  I can feel the dampness.  

The kids at school are pretty much over in-door recess at this point.  Even if it stopped for a day,
the ground is still too wet...lots of mud.  That's why we were so happy
that it hadn't rained for a few days for market day.

by the looks of the weather above, we'll finally get a few days of sun!
aloha ka ua

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blue Hawaii Market Day...

last week was the last Market Day at Waialua Elementary.
The day was beautiful, blue sky and not a bit of the rain
we'd been having.

Second grade decided to sell cotton candy this time.  It was such a hit!
Roxy had tried making a bunch before the kids came out, but the still
stretched half the length of the building.
the air had that overly-sweet smell that comes from all the sugar in the air.

some kids had never had it before and were so excited.  A group of girls told me they
loved this "fresh kind, so much better than the bagged one".

needless to say there were plenty of blue tongues and fingers that day.
good thing it was an early day because there were some serious "sugar highs"
going on!