Friday, June 26, 2009

Just tired of it...

This is what it feels/looks like to us. Over 3 years, District Court, Circuit Court, ICA, Supreme Court, what seems like the above paperwork, despair,anger, hope, obscene amount of money we will never, ever see again, sadness, faith, unknown territory and having to learn legal terms we never cared about before.
Being so tired of it we actually feel that physically we can't go on, asking Lauren if she wanted a piece of bread (she can't have it), forgetting that Geoff and family will be gone next week, leaving keys on the top of the car, sending the wrong check in the mail, finding out that there are probably more microphones facing our house, not sleeping, not sure what day it is, trying to continue working because he can't retire, unable to explain just how horrible it is.
After all of this...we had hoped that they would be gone when we returned...5 days...they should one can tell us for sure.
Just want it over.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June Gloom

We've been in CA for a week. Most of the days have been like the one above. We forgot how gloomy June can be along the Southern California Coast. 68 is a little chilly needless to say.
More pics of the birthdays later.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

King Kamehameha Day

Today is a state holiday, King Kamehameha Day. King Kamehameha I was born in the 1700's on the Big Island. He was credited for uniting the islands under one ruler, prior to him each island was ruled by a different king. There's a song about a huge battle here on Oahu. His army marched up the pali (todays Pali Lookout) and kept moving forward until the Oahu king's army was pushed over the side. That's how he won the battle of Oahu. Think about this: all this travel between the islands was done by canoe and marching done on foot!

So today, King Kamehameha Day, the statue that is in downtown Honolulu (across from Iolani Palace) is draped with flower and maile lei. All state offices are closed, there's actually a summer swell (surf) in town, so it's a REALLY big deal!

Interesting fact: a replica of this same statue stands in the Great Statue Hall in Washington, DC, representing the state of Hawai'i.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Chinaman's Hat

A couple of weeks ago when we were coming home from the windward side, I snapped this picture of "Chinaman's Hat". It wasn't the best of weather days, but I just had a clear shot as we drove past.
This is really an island sitting a little way offshore. You can paddle out to it, but can't really go onto it. For more years than I can remember every time I look at this place, if it's driving out to the north shore or going the other way, I always get a weird feeling in my stomach.
Ever since I saw this poster...
I can't think of it any other way...creepy!

Friday, June 5, 2009


After many, many months there is FINALLY a diagnosis for Lauren...Celiac Disease. This is an intolerance to gluten/wheat. This will mean a gluten free diet for her for the rest of her life. After the initial shock, this is really so much better than what it could have been, Type 1 diabetes. Immediately Traci went into the "mom mode" and has gone to Trader Joes for gluten-free products. By a fluke (or tender mercy) there is a new store in SC that the whole store offers gluten-free, and many other specialty products. Everything in the store Lauren can eat!

After only a few days of being "gluten-free" Lauren is starting to feel better. She'll now be able to gain weight without everything going straight through her little body. A real blessing is that Lauren has a pretty sophisticated palate and is willing to try lots of different things. They're going to take her to a pediatric dietitian to educate her on what she can and cannot eat.

Some bright spots...In-N-Out is a good place to eat! Burgers w/0 the bun and french fries (because the potatoes that are fried in their own oil and no fillers in the meat). PF Changs has a whole "gluten-free menu". Best news of all. DISNEYLAND restaurants have gluten-free menus and they actually go out of their way to accommodate celiacs! Now it really is the Happiest Place On Earth for them!

Interesting facts: Celiac Disease affects 1:133 people BUT only about 1:5,000 are diagnosed! Most people just think they have an upset stomach or can't tolerate "certain" foods. Gluten is used in so many products as a binder, it's amazing! There is a study that is being done that shows that the high rate of celiac disease could be caused by overly processed foods...makes sense.

So, even though this is really a life changing event, just the fact that there is now a real diagnosis and relief for her is a miracle.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This morning I looked at Chun's to take a swim, but there were already a lot of people there, so I decided to try a place my neighbor had told me about, Kaiaka. It's really close, down from Alii Beach Park, not at far as Kaiaka Park. Sandy bottom, no reef, except way far out, clear, warm
really no one there, just a few people here and there