Thursday, October 31, 2013


a shortage???
Oh No!

I heard on the news the other day that there might be a shortage of
Sriracha (that hot Thai chili sauce).

Here Sriracha has been around for a very long time.  You find it on the table
next to the shoyu and tabasco.

You put it on eggs, loco moco, noodles, pho...
pretty much everything.
Now a shortage because the neighbors around the plant where it's
made are complaining about the smell.
So the city sued the company.

It's it's pretty much a staple.
On the mainland, they seem to just have found it
and make all sorts of gourmet sounding things with it
sriracha aioli, sriracha marinade, sriracha ceviche, sriracha cocktails
and sriracha strawberry milkshake!

We like it straight out of the red bottle with the green top.
Think I better go stock up

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Million Moons...

over Waialua, Hawaii.

(Susie Okimoto photo)

sometimes I feel that the sunrises are more beautiful than the sunsets.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Waialua Elementary School~ Mural...

for the longest time I'e tried to take a photo of the 
beautiful painted mural that's in the Waialua Elementary Cafeteria.
One day last week my friend and former long, time teacher at the school, Heidi Luarca
posted a picture of it.  
It's beautiful!
I asked her if she knew the story behind it.

The artist was Ipo a me Kunani Nihipali.  
There was a group of students that worked on it also.
their names and the artist is at the bottom left corner of the mural.
It was painted in 1989
It depicts ancient Waialua before the mill, etc.  
Beautiful Mt. Ka'ala is towering above Waialua.
Even after  24 years, it's still as vibrant as always.
I'm glad Heidi got the perfect shot and the story behind it.

(Heidi Luarca photos)

Thanks again Heidi for the photos.

Monday, October 28, 2013


 this sweet little baby boy was blessed yesterday.
Ragnar Steve Pollock
his parents Luke and Stephanie gave him a name befitting his Viking heritage...
He's the 7th grandchild of our friends Coco and Steve 
and he's a cutie.

had a fun Mexican potluck at the Pollock family compound

such a special time for this very special family

it was fun to have so many great Mexican dishes.
I made apple easy and such a hit.

grandma Coco
getting the food ready.

yup, even then remove the shoes.

Congratulations again Stephanie and Luke~ he's beautiful.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Haleiwa~ Big Changes...

I was gone for 2 1/2 weeks and when I came home, I found most
of the East side of Haleiwa surrounded by wood.  A wooden
fence has been erected from before Haleiwa Eats, to Aoki's & Iwa Gallery.
skipping Matsumotos and Global Creations.
They haven't torn down Aoki's yet, but I'm sure that's coming.

I drove around to the back and this is what I saw...more fencing
and big machines and some huge, old trees gone.

I found that the sunflower field has all been fenced in...
the whole thing.
There's been planting there for years and never had a
seems to be that most of Haleiwa has been fenced to keep people out.

The lack of fencing and country feel is what we've always loved about 
the North Shore.
How long will it be before there's an ABC store out here?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mt. Ka'ala Fire...

there's been a fire burning on Scholfield since last week.  
They'd gotten it out on Sunday, but then Tuesday night it started again.

In the middle of the night I had to close the windows and turn the fans
on because the smell was so bad.
This morning we woke up to a smoke haze that looked like fog.
All of Waialua was covered in the thick, smelly stuff.
We kept our doors and windows closed for most of the day because
it was so bad.
From in front of A-9 this morning

after school I drove up Kaukonahua to see exactly where it was.

at that point it was up at the blinking caution light

6 water dropping helicopters 

this is almost to the UH station (opposite side of street)
this evening it looks like it might be almost out, (I hope).

I has made for some pretty gorgeous sunset photos.

(Dale Yoshizu photo)
Ranch Camp, Waialua

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Air Force Band Visits...

the Air Force Band paid a visit to 
Waialua Elementary School yesterday.
It was an our long concert of pop songs that all the kids knew.

it turned into a dance party!
 (Susie Okimoto photos)

what a great way to end the day...
with a surprise concert.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hawaii Change...

fall has arrived....
at least at 6:41 am,

but it's nice to have to use a blanket
at night.
Bring on the cooler weather, sweater and soup!

Monday, October 21, 2013

 one of the very last things in the MH that needed to be redone was a small
bathroom with a single shower.
This room wasn't affected by the flooding, so nothing
had been done to it during the remodel, expect we did have the 
new flooring extended into there.
In March, when I was there I'd finally had enough of the green ivy
wallpaper and harvest gold shower.

fake gold fixutres

we'd tried getting the wall paper off at some point and
Geoff started putting in a new vanity, fixtures and light.
This is what he found when he took out the vanity...

the darn wall paper wasn't coming off that easily. Geoff went ahead with
his installation and we had to have someone come in a do something
about the wallpaper.
Hubby and I tried putting up new wall paper over the old...we got 1 wall
done and ripped it off...the wall was so uneven, it wasn't going to work.

we had someone come in a put a sealer over the old wallpaper.
Then this last unexpected trip finally led me to this...

I had the shower re-finished to beautiful white (like we had done 
in the remolded big bath
and we had a painter come in and add another sealer, drywall mud and
new paint.

Its really beautiful.  Just need a new switch plate cover and
the blind for the window and it's done.

It was a long process.
So glad that Geoff was able to do the demo on it and
install the new fixtures.
I'm also glad that the unexpected trip gave me the 
time I needed to get it completed.
The MH is really like a whole new house now.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


hubby and I finally went to Cinepolis.  We'd been hearing about
this place everytime we're in SC.  Finally broke down and went.
Luxury is a good 1 word description.
It's not your usual movie experience that's for sure.
From the front lobby (huge) with it's seating areas to the decor it's
really first rate.
It's expensive...$17.00 for senior tickets! We're used to paying a third
of that in Laie.

the seating is probably what make it...
reclining leather seats.  Spaced two together with a little table between you and
the next two.  Lots of room to put your drink or plate down.
They have wait service that comes to your seat and take your order.  We were
surprised by the choice of items....even GF and Veg choices.  From pupu
type to full dessert.  They have a wine/liquor menu also.  We saw people
having wine and cheese trays or sandwiches.  

we got just our regular popcorn and Diet Coke, but they even had choices
on the popcorn.

It really was a fun experience.  We'll have to go again when we're here.
At home we'll stick to our little, local place, Laie Palms...makes
Cinepolis seem even more luxurious when we go again.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pumpkin Patch...

we met the youngest grands at the pumpkin patch.
They were busy riding all of the fun kiddie rides.
This "pumpkin patch" has been around for years, it's in a mall
parking lot with straw covering the asphalt.

 Grey wanted to try his hand at a stuffed animal grab...

and he got one!

Emme waa so excited to ride in the tractor race with her brother...
First time he did it, Grey was driving NASCAR style, with his 
sister, and a low battery, he took it slower.

no pumpkins were bought on this visit,
they're going back in a couple of weeks with their coupons.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Pumpkin Craze...

I was at Trader Joes yesterday and realized that they had
a bit of a pumpkin craze going on.
I love pumpkin, but was shocked by the over 100+ items (the checker told me this)
 they had...

yup, even pumpkin scented body butter...
I felt the pumpkin overload by the time I left.

Friday, October 11, 2013

A New Cookbook...

I have a real weakness for cookbooks...over the years I've gone from
the classics (Joy of Cooking and Better Homes & Gardens) to a whole
bunch of favorite cook books made by groups or friends (the old Laguna
Niguel Stake cookbooks are still my well-used favorites).
So when I saw that Ann Romney had a cookbook of family
favorites and was donating the proceeds to charity, I decided I needed it.

I was making plans to go to Deseret Books in San Diego to buy it and a few other
things.  When I went online to check the times, I saw that they had a store closer 
and that Ann Romney was going to be signing books that very night!!!!

Neither one of the girls could go, so off I went.  Perfect timing, even getting lost.
The line was around the building, but by the time I'd shopped and paid for
them, there was a lull and only two people in front of me.

Mrs. Romney was so gracious.  We chatted about grandchildren
and how great they were.  Even laughing about also getting lost!

while sitting in the car looking at the book, up pulls  two big, black
cars with some very official looking men...and out she came and was off.

so today I'll be pouring over the beautiful photos and text and deciding what recipe to 
make first... may be "Mitt's Meat Loaf Cakes"!