Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Surf Check...

after breakfast yesterday, Grey wanted to go and see the surf at T-Street.
He and his dad normally go here, so he wanted to check it out.

I just happened to snap this picture of Poppa and Grey
while Emme and I sat in the car.  
That boy is certainly a Moysa

Monday, December 30, 2013

Bag O' Barbies...

Lauren was cleaning her room and decided to 
get rid of her Barbie dolls.
She gave them to Emme.
Emme was in heaven for two reasons…
#1 they came from Lauren
#2 they are Barbie!
She has some Barbie dolls already, but these were different.

she had them spread all over the family room looking at
each one of them and squealing over every shiny dress.
We told her that they had to stay at the MH, she could keep them here
and play with them.  She seems ok with that for the time-being.
We didn't think she needed 10 Barbie dolls at her house less than a 
week after Christmas.
Lauren also gave her a box of probably 50+ pencil pals…
another thing that will be staying here at the MH.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day, Part 2...

after a little afternoon rest, we met up again.
There was hair-curling going on

Geoff and family arrived where there was more Legos

little princess dolls,

a new CTR ring and earrings,

 and more Legos!

the boys each got a harmonica…Poppa and I couldn't resist

the table was set with the good crystal and china

she loves olives

the boys had their own spot and felt very special

and she was still rocking' the curls!

after yummy Sprinkles cupcakes…after Lauren was diagnosed  with Celiac, 
I tried different desserts, some were good and some were very good. A few
years ago they opened a Sprinkles in Newport Beach.  They do a great
GF red velvet cupcake. Now it's turned into the perfect Christmas dinner
dessert…just the right amount after a big dinner and everyone can choose their
favorite flavor.
So another wonderful Christmas has come and gone…
Legos and Princesses are still HUGE, and a sure sign of growing up…face cleaners and
curling tool!
We love our family so much and they mean the world to us.
Until next year….Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Morn...

Christmas morning didn't start as early as it has in previous years (before the sun came up),
but we were there for the oldest to come downstairs

I wonder how many boys got Legos?

 She's browning up…no more toys but
face cleaning things and Doc Martins were on her list

after an early morning visit by the neighborhood girls, we headed over to the
younger grands...

these two had slept in too, but were into opening more presents...

more Lego...

playing with her dolls 

their big presents from Santa were new bikes…
an off-road one for him

and a pretty pink balance bike for her.

after a short nap,
to be continued...

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Mele Kalikimaka...

Merry Christmas To All...

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

Lido Theater...

on Saturday hubby and I were going to the Crab Cooker in Newport for 
late lunch/early dinner.  We'd wanted to go to the movie later, but came
across the Lido Theater and "Saving Mr. Banks" was there and the
time was perfect.
I know that they do a lot of special movie events here (Analog did premiers here)
and now I know why, this place is great.
Neither one of us had ever been to that theater before and were amazed.
It was a step back in time.

There is only one screen and the theater is pretty big.
The ceiling…It was so beautiful

yes, they had a balcony...

the walls were the prettiest undersea mural

the ladies room was great!
actual make-up stalls that had lotion and hairspray!
I didn't know they still made hairspray in the tall can!

beautiful tile work and Christmas decorations!

I loved the floor!!!!
my favorite.

 a great snack bar

I think that this might be Catalina tile, it was all over the theater, inside and out.

Lido Theater, a real step back in time

Friday, December 20, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree...

we have an artificial tree here at the MH.  
Years ago I brought over all my unbreakable ornaments from home.
The Grands have the job of decorating it.  We just sit back and
watch, as the years have gone by, they're doing it all themselves now.

just because she's getting so grown up...

oh these girls...

Grey and poppa's Mexican ornament (this thing is probably 20+ years old and poppa loves it)

Emme was so into it this year...

Jack and Grey took charge of the icicles …even throwing some on

Lauren is tall enough now to decorate the very top of 
the tree...

Grey got to put the star on the top this year...

the best presents under the tree!

 oh this guy