Friday, September 19, 2014


yesterday my friend Gloria posted that she was going to make a delivery
out here on the North Shore (she does beautiful crafts) and wanted to
know if anyone wanted to meet at Luibuenos for dinner.
Since it's still HOT and I know that they've got great AC,  I decided to go.

I'm glad I went and got to sit and talk story for a long time with Glo and her friend Kime.

I'd first met Glo when she was working at Dukes HB in the early days. I didn't realize that Kime
had also worked there so we knew some of the same people (Macie).

Kime was telling us about some really big changes that are coming to Hawaii (she's in a business
where she'd know those things).  I wonder where all these people are going to go?

On my way home I was thinking about the first tsunami after moving here and how Gloria
called and asked me to come to her house.  That's where I went, to her house in Pearl City
and watched it on their tv.  

I don't get into Dukes Waikiki as often as I would like so I don''t get to see Glo as often...
I miss that and I miss her... it's that 30 mile drive that's a killer!

Love you Glo!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Feels Like...

I know that it seems like everywhere is roasting right now.
Hubby is on the mainland working.  He thought that at least over
there he'd be able to escape  the heat/humidity that we've been 
having here...but no such luck.  Been horrible over there with
record breaking heat.

The other day when I was getting to school I looked at 
the weather on my phone...
it had rained during the night but the sky was clear without
any clouds...
my phone was showing 100% humidity!

It was going to be another hot day, the steam was already in the air.

it's been so hot that the ceiling fans are just spreading hot air and
the only time it's actually cool is about 2:30 am, when I finally pull a sheet on.

There aren't any trade winds, so our natural air conditioning is off.
It's too hot actually to go to the beach even.  I swam the other day and have to 
admit, it wasn't that cooling.

When I listen to the weather, they just say more of the same...
ok, I'm done!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I saw this on a car the other day and had to laugh...
I even asked the guy where he got it (on line)

Hubby tries to avoid them at all cost in the Audi,
so much so I told him once that people might think he was drunk.

Needless to say, they're really, really bad here.
On the freeway, I know what lanes to try and avoid the potholes (not always lucky).
Sometimes it seems like they get them fixed and before long they're back again.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Madame Pele...

Madame Pele's flow has changed direction in the last few weeks.
She's now headed towards the town of Pahoa.
Every night on the news they talk about how close the lava
is to the town and how fast it's moving.
Right now it seems that the flow has slowed and 
turned away a little from the town.

the Civil Defense and other Government agencies have made a new
road to get in and out of Pahoa incase the lava goes across the existing road.

We forget that the Big Island is constantly changing with eruption that's been
going on for years.
This won't be the first time that Madame Pele has taken out homes that are in
her way and it probably won't be the last.

The people that live in the area are resilient, this is the area that got the
full hit of the hurricane a few months ago.

Monday, September 15, 2014


Miss Emerson Elle
turned 4!

this little lady is so sassy and sweet can't help but love her
to bits.
She's surprised her parents with suddenly becoming a really big girl.
She'll start 3-day-a-week pre-school next week.
As poppa says, "she'll talk their ear off!"

We love you to bits Miss Emme~

Friday, September 12, 2014

Kahuku Sweet Corn...

it's been so hot the last few weeks.  Heat & humidity don't make cooking an easy task.
We've been eating very light meals when we don't escape to Luibuenos or
some other air conditioned place.
I decided that we could just have baked yams and maybe a salad tonight for dinner.
It was still early when I left school, so I decided to drive up to Kahuku for some
There's always a chance that the stand won't be open...
I was so excited as I came around the curve and saw the yellow flag up!
They came up with this signal a few years ago and it does help.

We've been buying corn from them for years and have some mutual friends.
So I like to "talk story" with her when I stop

this corn is grown right behind the stand.  They try to grow it year round now.
It's the sweetest, juiciest corn ever.
Well worth the pretty drive to Kahuku
I was lucky today, they were selling out and about ready to close.

We loved our easy summer dinner, sweet corn & yams!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Never Forget...

I can still remember that horrible morning like it was yesterday ...
the first images, calling both kids, Terry and I watching in horror,
going to school, trying to hold back tears in front of the kids, being glued to the 
television for what seemed like days as it all unfolded and
finally promising that we'd never forget and make sure that generations
to come would know what happened to so many innocent, brave people.

we will never forget...

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Chatbooks, Moments In Time...

a couple of weeks ago Bri posted about these little gems...
I'd never heard of them before, but figured that for $6.00/book it was
worth it.
They arrived today and I must say I love them.
They are all the photos I've had on Instagram since I started using IG.
What's super cool is that the company, Chatbooks, puts them into
volumes of 60 photos each.

they put the date, place and any hashtags/comments that you made
along with the photo.

they're the perfect size for stacking and just having them sitting out.
We've looked through several times already.
A perfect record of those precious "moments in time"

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lookin' Good Haleiwa PO...

the other morning I had to go to the bank and the post office.
At the post office, I came across painters taping windows and prepping for an update.
so I had to take a quick photo.

over the weekend we saw that they had it almost all done and it's
I love it!
it's MY green!

I asked the painters this morning if they'd replaced the windows and 
they told me no, just re-painted them.

since there's so much going on at the other end of Kam Hiway,
it's nice to see this bright update at the Waialua end.
something other than drab brown/tan

Monday, September 8, 2014

Only In Hawaii...

yup, a Spam burger.
Only problem this one has a hamburger patty too.
Saw this at Jack-In-The Box...
so figure it won't be long before it shows up at Mc Donald's

We do love our Spam here in Hawai'i

Friday, September 5, 2014

Overnight Fence...

hubby told me that on his way home from work today he noticed something
new at Laniakea Beach...a white picket fence.

so we took a little "cool off" drive up there to see it...

it's blocking the only really safe way to get down to the beach there.
Haleiwa side has plenty sharp rocks that you  have to climb down.

It looks "homemade"  the "no parking" signs don't have any codes listed on them
and there's even a sort of hand lettered sign that says something about beach access.

I guess after reading a little about it that no one actually knows who put the fence
up and it appeared "overnight".

I can understand peoples frustration, especially if you lived right there.
Even with the barriers, which seem to help somewhat, tour buses still 
park there, so that means that tourist think it's ok to pull up and park on this 
narrow strip of land. We've seen HPD sitting there giving out tickets when
cars stop and even saw a car towed one day.

It took us  1 1/2 hours the other day to get to Laie again.

I also know that it is against the law to block access to the beach here
in this does seem strange.

The article I read said that they were trying to find out who actually
owned the land right there.

Wonder how long it will stay up?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

It Was Hurley...

During the boarding of my flight home, I looked up just in time to see
this guy...
I posted it on IG with a quite catchy hashtag...
"he was LOST, but he found Hawaii 5-0"

It was Jorge Garcia or "Hurley" from LOST.
We'd actually met him once at Hardware Hawaii in Kailua.
He went to SCHS with Geoff and remembered him.

I'm sure there are other famous people who are also on my flights, 
but this really was exciting because I loved that show so much and
watched it all the years it was on.  

I'm glad he's back in Hawaii because I know how much he loved it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cherr-i-o Miss Roxy...

Roxy, a tech specialist at school is going to study in England (I can't stand it!)
for a year.
At last weeks meeting, there was a "surprise" (she knew) going away party for her.

the party combined foods that she'll miss; poi donuts, chow fun, somen salad, etc
and our take on foods that she'll have in England...
fancy desserts

tea sandwiches, aged cheddar, water biscuits

marmite, salt & vinegar crisps

and our take on "fish & chips".

 We love Roxy & will miss her, especially when there's a computer problem
and her first question to us is "did you turn it on?"

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Only In Hawaii...

can you go to Bank of Hawai'i ATM's and be asked if you want the directions in
English, Japanese, Korean and Hawai'ian.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day...

not only is Labor Day a celebration of America's workers, it's
also the "official" end of summer.
I can only hope tha we start seeing some cooler weather over here...
enough already! Bring back the trades!