Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween~Disneyland style

Yesterday Traci & I took the kids to D-land because Lauren didn't have school. It turned out to be such a great day...the weather was perfect, it wasn't crowded, ran into some good friends, the place was "decked out" for Halloween & Fall. I missed seening it last year because there wasn't any time, so I was excited. Only sad thing was that we missed a celeb sighting...Seal & Heidi Klume.
Leave it to Disney to make a holiday like Halloween so special. This weekend they start working on changing everything over to Christmas, since it will be November 1 (yikes!).

Main Street decorations...made me want to start baking and light a fire in the 80 degree weather

Giant Halloween Mickey pumpkin on Main Street

entrance to the Haunted Mansion Holiday~ done up like the movie "Nightmare Before Christmas". Halloween meets Christmas

This is just the outside~ inside is really something

New Pixie Hollow...we waited for awhile, but the line was too long, it just opened

A "brew" in the area "Woody's Halloween RoundupHalloween Cookie decorating...yumLauren & her Halloween friend. Note, her face painting is to go with her Halloween costumeJack reading the map, so he can tell me where all the "boy rides" are
Happy Halloween and Happy Haunting

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I've observed something these last few days when Grey has been at Traci's with the other kids. This is the importance of having older cousins. If you don't have an older sibling, the closest thing would be older cousins. Here are a few of my observations through Grey's eyes:

A cousin can show you how to run your car around and around the table

A cousin can show to how to pretend "cook"

A cousin can show you where to put the "gas" or whatever in the car
A cousin can show you how~
to wear a conductor hat the right wayA cousin can chase bubbles with you and show you how to catch them in your mouth
best of all...a cousin can read you the most interesting story, and you'll love to listen!
Cousins Are The Best!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Early Halloween

We took Jack and Lauren to an early Hallowen party at the church last night. It was a chili, cornbread dinner (yum) and all types of apple desserts. There were games for the kids to play, prizes for different types of chili, and finally a trick-or-treating around the gym. The kids had a great time. Lauren was so excited to get to wear her costume more than once. She made some new friends and we got to see some longtime friends. Good time.

Jack loved this fake pumpkin. He wasn't so much into eating the candy, but loved filling his bag.
Lauren and her new friend, the butterfly fairy
Lauren, the good witch, getting ready to fly off into the night.

dry, dry, dry

these have become my friends, I use them several times a day. Sleep with them slathered on my body! It's so dry here. Today was better. I know this because today was the first day I didn't have a bloody nose...gross I know. Swam in the warm, salt water pool today and that seemed to help. I forget that So. Cali is actually considered a desert region, but weather like this helps me remember.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

these are the reason...

Jack my #1 helper

Greyson my little love man

Lauren the best helper, "little mom" there is

these little loves are all the reason I'm here in the OC. I've had all 3 of them because Bri's mom had some surgery and can't lift anything over the weight of a milk carton. Traci is in Dallas then NYC. So I get to spend hours and hours with these guys! This has been a great way to spend some time with Greyson. He LOVES his cousins! He's fearless to say the least. Thinks he can do everything the big kids do. Jack has been such a HUGE help. He says that "we're" babysitting Greyson. Lauren is Lauren, her sweet, helpful self. She's like a little mother with him.
The weather has been really nice, so the kids have played outside all the time. I'm not sure Grey can get over how much in-n-out of the car there is. Today both older kids had school and it was early dismissal for Lauren...lots of car time.
these are my loves

Welcome to Orange County

Please note the temp in the car the first morning I was here.
Today it was 84 and Santa Ana winds in San Clemente. Lips cracked already and all moisture sucked out of our bodies! the bright side is that at least I can take off my sweatshirt!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Up, Up & Away (again)

I'm off again to the mainland to babysit the grandkiddos tomorrow. Hubby and I are actually going to travel that's a change. It will be good to see all the kids, hear about Ireland from Geoff, watch Lauren's soccer, take Jack to school and watch Grey play with his cousins. Looking forward to it.

aloha, a hui hou

Only in Hawaii, vol IV

it's okay to go to school in slippers and it's okay to take them off before going into the classroom there's a "real" Chinatown in town Mc Donald's sells taro (same that poi is made from)pies at certain times of the year...yum! people sell the fruit from their yards on the side the road, and it's OK
so lucky we live Hawaii

Good movie...

Yesterday hubby and I went into town and saw the best movie, Morning Light. The review we read wasn't the best, but because we knew it was filmed here, we decided to go. It was really good. More of a documentary type. Hubby reconized the house they stayed in as being the same on from "Real World Hawaii", how many years ago?

I know it's not showing in a lot of places, but if it comes near you, go see it.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Only in Hawaii, vol III

yummy grilled steak dinner on Thursday night at local market tourist stopping traffic, walking in front of cars. guess they know we drive with Aloha! view from the parking garage at Ward Center neighbors bbqing on our grill, willing to share some shrimp
gotta love...only in Hawaii

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First Swell


The first BIG swell of the year has hit the north shore. It actually started on Sunday, but we couldn't even get through Haleiwa to see it. There were so many people out here. Monday was also a holiday so there were a lot of people taking advantage of the extra day off.

I got up early yesterday and went up to Sunset and got some pics. I knew it was big because we could hear it from our house all night. No swimming for me at the usual spots for a bit.

Yesterday afternoon, it started to get stormy and the winds changed, so the swell is dropping, and it's not as clean because of the funny winds.
Waimea Bay 8-10 feet
looking back towards Waialua...the mist in the air because of the big surf
Remember, even if it doesn't look clear, the water is still warm, the air is still warm. Enjoy!

a hui hou,

Monday, October 13, 2008


Our good friends Gary & Benita always do a big German meal in October. Since Benita is German, she knows how to cook all the traditional foods. She's such a good cook, really any type of food, so this is a treat.

They're leaving for the mainland this week, so this was a good way to get to see them before they head out. The host and hostess with the mostessgerman potato good
just the beginning of all the food...seemed to go on and on

our contribution...butter roles from Paalakai Bakery

Thanks again, Gary & Benita. a hui hou


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Go Warriors!

Yesterday hubby & I had the opportunity to go to a UH football game, (thanks Iris). I love, love, love college football. These seats are so good! If the crowd was silent you could hear all the hitting, grunting, etc that goes on.

Our friend has been part of a tailgating group for several years, so this is really fun. Since they're season ticket holders they also bought a special parking pass that lets them park really close. We left our car off-site and then everyone combined into several other cars to actually go in and park.

Tailgating in Hawaii is HUGE! Can I say HUGE again? Commericals on tv, displays in all the stores with UH logo tailgating supplies, markets with special foods for tailgating, etc. It's also very, very fun! This group has it pretty much down. Since UH was playing Louisiana Tech, they had a creole or cajun theme. Really good food! The game was so fun. I love just being there for all the action, noise, crowd and the feel from actually being at a game. We've been lucky enough to have gone to several games over the years. Nothing will ever compare to last years season, but the fans are still so "into" UH football, it's awesome!

A beautiful night in Aloha Stadium

hubby in his rain gear~just trade showers passing by

UH did win, 24-14. Go WARRIORS!

Aloha, Jane