Friday, August 30, 2013

Hokule'a...Flashback Friday

In January 2000, hubby and I attended a re-launching of Hokule'a.
The Polynesian Voyaging Society held an auction of old used parts that had
been re-placed on her.
I was lucky enough to win a part of the rigging "doughnut" that lines
are fed through.  Its made of Koa and maple.
One of the high lights of this was that hubby got to meet Wally Froiseth
who was not only a surf legend, but also one of the carvers of these cleats.

one of the things that hubby said was how small she was to have sailed over
100,000 miles at that time.  Since then she's been increased in size (but not by much).

I also remember on that day that Pappa Mau Piailug was there.
He's the man that taught Nainoa Thompson to navigate by the stars.
A few years ago there was the movie "Pappa Mau" about him.

So when Hokule'a came to Haleiwa
it brought back memories of that day and the feelings of awe we felt then
about this remarkable canoe and those who sail her.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


I'd heard that the Hawaiian sailing canoe, Hokule'a was in Haleiwa.
Early in the morning, I took a swing by to see if it was still there.  There were some of
the crew getting ready for the day.
This isn't the first time I'd seen her (more on that later)
but I was still impressed at what she has done for her size.

The girl explained to me that they were in Haleiwa until Saturday and then on to Kauai.
They had been giving school tours and doing some other promotional events to 
raise awareness of what the Hokule'a is about.
Next year they will head off on another long voyage.
I texted Traci so she and the grands could go by and see it.
They were lucky enough to go on and get a tour of her.

Hokule'a, Star of Gladness lives up to her name.
Safe travels

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Aloha Aoki's...

today was the last day at Aoki's Shave Ice.
I took the grands last week because I knew that today would be crazy.
Early this morning I went by and the tv crews were there.
The crowds grew all day, I went by after dark
and the line was still out the door and down the street, with a band playing.

I love their shave ice.  All home-made syrups, not too sweet, just right.
this is really the first big sign of how Haleiwa is changing.
And it's sad.

Aloha Aoki's, we'll miss you!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Congratulations Dr. Rogers...

 friend of mine just received her doctorate in Civil Engineering.
I was thinking about this the other day...huge accomplishment.
Not only is she a wife, a mother to an active little boy, Primary
President, but also a student in doctorate program.
  Amazing to say the least.

(Rogers family photos)

Congratulations Maile on fulfilling your dream!

Monday, August 26, 2013


summer on the North Shore...

flat, flat, flat
and that's ok.
I love how the sky and the ocean blend on the horizon...
not a wave, bump or swell in sight.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Flashback Friday, August Birthdays...

We went to Waikiki in August for years...
and would end up celebrating my birthday along with
other friends at a big party.

There was a time when pau hana parties could be
held on the lower deck on the beach...plenty singing, dancing 
and food at those times.

then the rules changes and we would have a big lunch
on the beach...on top of the storage boxes

some of the August birthdays

Noah and the girls

I think this might have been Macie's 16th b'day at their
house in Manoa

Grandpa Big Fish and his birthday hats

dear Peg would decorate one of the umbrellas

August Birthdays in Waikiki...
the best memories!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Wave Discussion...

Greyson and Poppa watching surf videos...

keeping it in the family.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Grand Day at Disneyland...

Bri and I took all for kids to Disneyland yesterday.  
We didn't tell them where we were going and from 
the video I took, it really was a surprise.  That was the best.

They walked all over Disneyland for over 12 hours!

too bad this was closed.

Jack didn't want to go on the Merry-Go-Round so we hung
out while the rest of them went...

while the boys and Bri were on a ride, Emme and Lauren went shopping 
at the Princess store

sitting outside Sleeping Beauty castle playing with Tinkerbell.
Its nice to have an older cousin that can put the clothes on.

Having a late lunch while everyone was on Autotopia

Lauren got Bri to go on "Tower of Terror"
Lauren was excited afterwards, but I'm not sure about Bri

we watched a parade and got a little wet

"Ariel" was fun, but the boys thought it was sort of "girlie"

Bri was such a good sport...she went on "California Screamer"
with Lauren.  I love the look on her face.

We never thought we'd stay as long as we did.  The kids
were so good.
As soon as we got on the tram to go to the hit us...
we were all exhausted!

It was such a great day and I'm so glad it all came together!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Bri and I surprised the Grands with a day at Disneyland.
We had made up some goofy stories about what we were doing.
The older ones were tired from having to get up early and
not really sure what this "appointment" was.

So, when they finally was priceless.

Monday, August 19, 2013


Lauren was in JG's (Junior Lifeguards) for the second year.
She didn't have to pass the swimming test again, which she
was happy about.  The highlight of this year was jumping off the pier!
She's made so many friends and it's such a great program.  Geoff
had done it when he was her age for many years.  They were talking
the other day about the "pier jumping".

Miss Fearless

waiting to jump...

they throw their surfboard (foam) over the pier and then jump...
(Traci O'Neill photos)

that girl!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

4 Little Fishes...

some short little videos of the three older grands
swimming at the MH 88 degree, salt water pool...

Grey, he told me his new googles help him swim.

Jack has really improved and is going to be a good swimmer

the original, Lauren, taught herself to swim
and is really good

even Emme has gotten into the love of swimming with
her "swimmies"

we're so glad that these 4 love the water!