Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kaamooloa luau, part 1

A few months ago at a block party, Francis (our neighbor across Kaamooloa Rd) mentioned that
he had an imu.  Everyone thought it'd be great to do a block party and have kalua pork.
So the plan went into action.  This isn't just a throw the pig into the ground deal, it takes
a lot of planning and work.
A group of the guys, under Francis' watchful eye and guidance, worked the whole day before getting
everything ready.  Ed, Jason and Jack tore up banana leaves and stalks, cut ti leaves, moved rocks,
prepared the pig and finally got the pig started cooking. 
This isn't really cooking over direct heat, it's actually steaming the meat using
the moist banana as the fuel.  A fire is built first, then the rocks, leaves, stalks and finally the
pig (wrapped in chicken wire),  covered with more leaves, burlap bags, a plastic
tarp and left to cook for hours.

(mahalo Jack for some of your photos)
to be continued...

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

Remembering those who fought so that we
could always be free.

 As part of the Memorial Day Remembrance, local Boy Scouts do a "Good Turn" by
placing donated lei on the graves at Punchbowl National Cemetery.

(Honolulu Star Advertiser photo)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cute Whitney

Hubby and I wanted to try the burgers at Ted's Bakery in Sunset Beach.  Ted's is famous for their
chocolate haupia pie, but here on the North Shore it's about the burgers.  Since we were going
to Laie to see "Pirates" this was the perfect stop for dinner.
I went inside to wait for our food and a cute girl came up and asked me if I was Jane Moysa.  I
said yes (sort of expecting it was someone who knew Geoff).  She went on to
explain that I knew her  aunt and cousins.  Whitney also told me that
her mom read this blog!  Thought it was a good way to see what
life over on the North Shore was like. 
We talked about how different it really is here and she told us about going to school at
BYUH.  So...

Whitney's mom, this is for you!
Thanks Whitney for stopping to talk to us. 
If you need anything, let us know.
Once again, proof  of what I always say, this is a very small island in
a very small world.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Work and Floats

The last days of school are filled with lots of activity.  One of the things
is cleaning of the chairs and desks. 
Nothing like making the work seem like fun.  The kids love doing this, it's
using soap and water on a warm day!
In case your wondering what the tennis balls are doing on the chairs, they keep the
floors from getting scratched.  Actually a pretty smart idea.
Since all the work was going on, it was the perfect time for a treat.
I brought in all the makings for rootbeer floats.
Over half the class had never had one before, so it really was a cool treat.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maafu's Graduation

Yesterday was the graduation ceremony for Maafu.  He'd actually finished his classes and had the actual
diploma, but since the ceremony is only held once a year, he had to wait.  I know he wasn't sure he
wanted to actually "walk" (I think since he really didn't know what to expect), but in the end it wasn't so bad.
The ceremony was held at the Blaisdell Concert Hall in town and inclusded graduates from all over Oahu.  It was a really nice ceremony with lots of "Pomp & Circumstance". 

a wild "meet and greet" in the exhabition hall
I'd been thinking about where we should go for dinner afterwards, I just wasn't sure because I wasn't sure about the time.  As it turned out I think I made the right "spur of the moment" choice.  We went
to Dukes Waikiki. 
It turned out to be such a special night for a special guy!
By the time we finally got seated, I think we could have eaten anything, but had such a good dinner.
Even the aunties music helped make the night one to remember...I did something, I
really don't do...danced a hula for Maafu and Kirstin. 
Dukes gave us a Hula Pie to end our celebration.  We couldn't even finish it!
Maafu worked so hard to reach this goal and has already started taking
the first steps towards his 4 year degree.  I wish that everyone took education as
seriously as he does. I was only there to guide him and help where he needed it, but it all came down to him. I know that he'll succeed because he does understand
the importance of education and knows what a difference it makes.
I'm so proud of you Maafu!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No Rain means No Rainbows

On my way to hula the other day, I snapped this shot of rain, blue sky and the beginnings of
a double rainbow.
Once again the conditions were perfect the perfect combination.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ramp To Freedom

It's become impossible for one of our neighbors to use the stairs to her house, and she's in
a wheelchair.  One of our other neighbors is a contractor and he said that he'd build
her a ramp.  He worked on it yesterday afternoon and finished it this afternoon.
It's amazing what being housebound does for a person (think Seattle and the rain).
Today she and her daughter were actually able to go out to the library, in another words...
freedom, fresh air and sunshine.

This is the true meaning of aloha.
Mahalo Jason for all that you do for our neighborhood.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hidden Talents

I'm in charge of getting people to put  flowers in the chapel for Sunday.  Usually I don't
have a problem with people signing up.  This week I couldn't get anyone to do it, so I figured
I could do something myself.  We've got a lot of flowers in our yard and the red and yellow haliconia
are beautiful right now. 
I set up a table in our carport with the cuttings and knew that since I was just going to make 1 large arrangement
I'd need something very large to put it in.  I found the 5 gallon bucket that hubby uses.  I was having trouble with the oasis
stuff I had gotten to hold the flowers in place. 
About this time, my neighbor across the street Jason saw me and asked me what I was up to.  I showed him the
problem and he came up with a great solution, making a tape grid that we could stick the flowers into.
One of his daughters, Brinn, helped me get more cuttings to fill in the spots.  Jason came back
and took a look and realized that we had "negative space" and helped me put together this beautiful arrangement...

You get an idea of how big it was next to Jason and Brinn.  We tried putting
it into my car and it wouldn't fit.  So Jason took it over to the church in his
truck and carried it in for me.
I knew he was a talented contractor, but I didn't realize he knew anything about flower arranging. 
Another one of his hidden talents!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Waialua High Class of 2011

Last night I went to Waialua High School's graduation.  We knew three kids this year that
were part of the class of 2011.
A neighbor who had gone by the school and seen all of the cars asked me how could there be so many
cars for such a small class of 100.  I thought about it for a secon, then gave what I thought were
the reasons; Waialua is a very, very small town, everyone knows everyone; in Hawaii high school
graduations are huge deals.  Lines outside of lei shops, displays everywhere with the schools colors.
Waialua High School may be small but they've made some huge accomplishments.  10% of the class
are members of the National Honor Society (with is the national average).  The robotics team is only
one of 19 schools to be inducted into the International Robotics Hall of Fame.  As they were announcing
the graduates names and their future plans, huge roars went up from the crowd when it was announced
that three boys were entering the service.

Our neighbor, Kailey, who after being homeschooled asked me
what I thought about going to Waialua High.  I told her to go, it depended
on her what she made of it and that there is only this one
chance in your life you get to experience something like high school.
I think she was happy she went.

Congratulations Class of 2011, Waialua High School

Friday, May 20, 2011

Silly Boys, Trucks Are For Girls

Our neighbor, Laura, got a new truck.  Everyone was outside anxiously waiting for her
to bring it home.  Once she came down the street, everyone could hardly wait
to check it out.  Every inch was gone over with the ohhhhs and ahhhhs.

Looks like it should have the name "Black Beauty" to me.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

WES Graduation 2011

Yesterday was the 6th grade graduation ceremony at the school.  I'm always amazed what a BIG deal
this is.  I've about this and it's always been this way.
It's held at the Waialua Community Gym right next to the school.
This year's class was the very first one that I was with for the
whole school year as second graders, so I knew a lot of the kids and amazed at how much they'd grown up
over the years. 

The kids actually enter the gym to the sound of "Pomp and Circumstance".
They are all very serious, hardly smiling. 
We have a great neighbor boy that mows our lawn on the week that Terry is gone,
so I tried to take pictures of him.

Kuio and his pretty mom Jodi.  Funny story, we've known his dad for years, he even stayed with us in SC and
Geoff has known his mom Jodi for years through the surfing community...and here they end up
living down the street from us!
The graduates and their families after the ceremony.
This Saturday is the high schools graduation ceremony, so that will
be good fun.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ala Moana Beach Park

Last Saturday was such a pretty day.  On my way home from hula, I drove through
Ala Moana  Beach Park.  I just snapped a few pics of the beach scene.
Right across from the beach is a huge park.  It was full of all kinds
of parties.  I know that people had been there for hours before sunup
saving some of the prime spots under the shade trees.

The reef at Ala Moana is really far out and there's sort of a breakwater
thing.  There are tons of people that go there to swim laps and then there are
the SUPers.  They actually had to come up with separate lanes for the swimmers
and paddlers, so they wouldn't run into each other.

Ala Moana Beach Park is at the Ewa end of Waikiki, directly across from Ala Moana
Shopping Center and next to Magic Island.
It's nice and clean....but it gets really, really hot on the sand.  And the water is warmer
it seems, guess thats because it's not such open ocean.