Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Holiday Surf Contest...

last Saturday we got to go to a Scholastic Surf Contest that Lauren was doing
at Oceanside Harbor.
It was cold and windy.
We actually got to see a couple of friends of ours that our boys
all did contest together when they were Lauren's age.
now instead of "surfing moms" we were "surfing grandmas"!

Lauren actually surfed in two divisions, shortboard and longboard.
This is what her uncle Geoff used to do too.

her coach is actually someone that we knew from church and he went to school 
with Geoff.  He also happens to be her Spanish teacher.

We were so proud of our little surfer girl!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Performance...

Last Friday we got to go to Miss Emerson's Christmas performance at her
pre-school.  She was so darn cute.  She knew every single song and all the hand motions.

it was so cute when she spotted her cousin Jack in the audience and gave
him a big smile and a wave.

she was so cute when Santa came in.  She doesn't really care for him and
was trying so hard not to cry.  We were so proud of her.

proud parents

Emme and her BFF, Luca Bella

Mrs. Smith and her sweet little class.

so glad that we were able to be here for this.
We love you Emme!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree, 2014 edition...

One of our family traditions is the decorating of the 
tree at the MH.
Our tree here is just a smallish, artificial tree with multi-colored lights.
What makes it so special is that it's decorated every year by the grands.
All of the ornaments are unbreakable, so there isn't any worry 
about spoiling anything.
We noticed this year that now the tree is decorated all the way to the
top because the kids are so much taller, they can go all the way up.

Emme got to help poppa put on his "cherished Mexican (ugly) ornament"

it was Laurens turn to put the star on the top...they take turns every year.

these four are the most cherished things of all
(yes, even Chloe got into the picture)

We love this four and love this tradition.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Up On A House Top...

Grey and Emme decorated  gingerbread houses the other night.
Quite a lot of work went into these creations...
all by themselves.  Miss Emme even told her parents to leave
them alone!

they're quite the works of art
and each show the personality of their designer...loads of sweet candy and perfect precision.

and they smell pretty good too!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Polar Express Comes To A9...

Last week we did Close Reading with my very favorite book,
"The Polar Express".
Our homework packet, spelling and Language Arts was all about
the book.
I was surprised how many kids hadn't seen the book or even the movie, so
it was extra special for them.

When we finished on Friday, each of them got their own bell.

I brought in my own Christmas bell and let them ring it.

During the movie we made hot cocoa (you have to have it right?).

Kids were just enthralled with the movie.

After the movie we discussed it and I was surprised how many of them
got the message and said that they just loved it. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

A Vintage Christmas...

Last Sunday we had lunch with Dave & Iris at "The Alley" 
(my second time in a week!).
During lunch they just happened to ask us if we'd read the paper yet.
Both Terry & I hadn't since we had church.
They told us that there was an article about them in the "Life" section
about their Vintage Christmas collection.

we've been to their house and seen it all set up and it's really something to behold.
I've never seen anything quite like it, except maybe at Rogers Gardens in Newport Beach.
These photos really don't do it justice.
At, there are 23 pictures of their house...

but it really should be seen in person.
(star advertiser photos)

Yes, that's a real sleigh inside their house!
The tree in the background must be 25 feet tall!

I love that they have a story to tell about all of the ornaments.  It really is

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Market Day...

yesterday was "Market Day" at Waialua Elementary.
Market Day is held a couple of times a year.  Students can earn "micro money"  (fake)
for good behavior, etc during school. They can then use the micro money to play games
or buy donated treats.
 Grade levels, academies and clubs can sell
items as a fund raiser.  In the past 2nd grade has sold; cotton candy, shave ice, nail
painting, etc.  Yesterday they sold pudding cups and musubi rice. Its great because
families are invited, so it's a real carnival going on!

One of the best fund raisers yesterday, was what the 6th grade did...purchase a piece of duct
tape to tape Mr. Moore (the principal) to the wall.  It was great and I'm sure
they made a lot of money!  The line was so long!

(thanks Kerilynn Pollock and Heidi Luarca for the photos)

I love the look on Reef's face...priceless!

The money made by groups during Market Day is always put to good use.
Buses for field trips have doubled in cost over the last couple of years.
Some groups use the money to help defray the cost of camp, etc.

The kids love Market Day and so the the parents that come.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Look At Haleiwa Town...

this video was shown on Hawaiian Airlines, Hawaiian Skies.
watching it now makes me realize how much has changed in Haleiwa
since it was made.

One of the best things about it is that our friend, Francis,
is doing some of the narrating.  He really is a wealth of
local history.  

I'm glad this was made, so that we can remember what Haleiwa was all about before
people started to change it.  It was nice to see Aoki's again. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

People Forget...

that there are actually people who live in these areas that
tourist flock to. 

(mahalo Dale Yoshizu for the photo)
this is another "no parking" sign that was probably put up by 
residents who got sick of people blocking their driveways or walking through
their yards.
Like the signs that went up at Laniakea, I think that residents have just 
had enough of it.  
Some people can be so rude.  Like the lady that wouldn't listen to the
security guard that was telling her she couldn't trespass onto private
property to get a photo.
I know that people on vacation just get so excited and forget that there are 
actually people that live right there.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Pearl Harbor...

Yesterday was Pearl Harbor Day.
December 7th, a day that should never be forgotten.
I have to admit that I think of that day maybe once a week when I drive into
town.  I'm on the freeway, but can see the actual harbor from there.

Our storage unit is actually in Pearl City, right across from Pearl Harbor.
One day when I was done putting things in there, I drove across the street
to the park that's on the Pearl City side.  I'd never seen the Harbor from this angle

this photo is looking directly across at Ford Island

looking south towards the Ford Island Bridge and the Arizona Memorial

turned the opposite way and looking Ewa

That day I stood there and thought about everything that happened on that day.
I'm glad that every week (sometimes more) I have the opportunity  to remember
and be thankful for this country and never take Pearl Harbor for granted.

Friday, December 5, 2014

The Alley...

yesterday after a trip to Scholastic, we went to dinner
at "The Alley" in Aiea Bowl.
I foget how really, really good this place is.  
We were there at the perfect time, a little after 5, so the after work
crowd wasn't there yet.

I love their mixed plate...choose any two items.  So many choices, 
it's hard.  I had the furikake salmon, spicy shrimp, tossed salad & brown rice.
so, so good.

of course a shared slice of their famous "lemon crunch cake" was
the perfect ending.

It's still funny to me that such a famous (they've been on Diners, Dives & Drive-ins )
is tucked away in a bowling alley.
A real hidden treasure.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

TBT Christmas Memories...

found a couple of Christmas pictures from a few years ago
when there were only 3 Grands.
They were doing their annual tree decorating at the MH.

Memories, that's such a special part of the holiday season.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hula Sisters...

I was sorting through pictures on my phone and came across these two...
can't believe I didn't post about this.
One of my hula sisters from CA, Audrey, was here and wanted to
meet Iris and I for dinner.  It was her choice where she wanted to go 
and I was so glad that she chose The Willows.  I hadn't been there
in ages and it's always a good, fun place to go.

The three of us all dances for Baby Pua as Ms. Alama's daughter is
called.  We started with her when she had her studio in a very small, narrow

We were talking about our first hoike and how much we practiced...several times a week!
What a magical night it was at the Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach.
Lots has happened since those fun times.
The best part of this evening was that even though we hadn't seen each other in years,
we still have that special "hula sister" bond.  

I don't think it ever goes away.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree...

Sunday after church hubby and I went to our storage unit and got our
Christmas decorations out.  We were there with a lot of other folks doing the same
thing, which just goes to next life, I'm going to own a storage
facility in Hawaii! Money maker for sure!

In previous years, the Adams girls that lived across the street from
us always came over and put the tree skirt down for us, since it involved
climbing around on the floor.  This year hubby had to do it (after saying we 
didn't really need it).

I started collecting the "Honolulu City Lights" ornaments years ago. Every
year there is a different theme to them and this year it was the
Hokule'a and the World Wide Voyage.  I think this is one of
my favorites.

We have a lot of these glass ornaments that are so pretty
sparkle in the lights.

palm trees and surfers are some of my favorites

 we still have 1 ornament from our very first Christmas tree
in Corona del Mar, 48 Christmases ago.
the gold paint inside is chipped and it's not very shiny, but
we love it just the same.

here she is all completed.  
love this tall, thin tree.  Just the right size!

still put garland on our tree (just gave up the tinsel when we moved here)
We don't have a real tree's just too hot and besides we aren't actually
here on Christmas so this is much easier not to worry about a dry tree.
As soon as we got her up and turned out the lights, it felt like Christmas!
Mele Kalikimaka

Monday, December 1, 2014

Kaamooloa Road Thanksgiving, 9th Edition...

 Thanksgiving 2014
started with the hubby doing his turkey with
his special, family recipe stuffing.
He decided this year to use the Japanese bread we use
everyday (won't be using it again, he said it was too stiff. Gotta stay
with the cheap stuff).

our next door neighbors, the Watanabes hosted
it again and as always it was spectacular.
This year was a little different because several families, the Adams
and the Cuas both moved away.

Christine's table is always so pretty and festive.
The autumn colored tulips were so pretty.

our fabulous host and hostess, Steve & Christine

every pacesetting had homemade lilikoi fudge she had made.

one of 3 tables that was loaded with food

So Thankful for such wonderful friends and neighbors.
They're the reason this Thanksgiving was so nice.