Friday, May 31, 2013


the last few days there have been the most incredible sunsets.
I think it's a combination of a little vog, lack of trades and some
left-over clouds from the rain.

 (Heidi Luarca photo)

the other day our whole kitchen was filled with the beautiful golden light
of the sunset

all the signs are pointing to summer!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Talent Show...

last Saturday night was our ward talent show.
It was great...I didn't know that there were so many
talented people in our ward!
There were poems read, piano playing, some magic,
painting, cooking, crafts, baking, singing and these...

we even had chili and rice for dinner!
Gotta love Waialua Ward!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


last Friday night I went to a concert at the beautiful Hawaii Theater with
Benita & Gary.
It was the group Ho'okena.
I'd heard a little announcement on the radio earlier in the week and
asked B&G if they wanted to go.  Gary got the seats and they were great!
It was so nice to see a real live concert again.  
There seems to be a real lack of concerts going on here.  I know that
seems strange, but it's true.  There used to be a whole bunch of them
with top named performers.  I think that to make any $$$ they have to 
travel outside of Hawaii.
so that made this one all the more special!

(crummy iphone photo)

after the concert they were outside side signing their new new cd.
this is the first since founding member, Manu Boyd, left to go solo.

I loved it when they called Moon up on the stage and did a tribute to John Koko.

it was a special night needless to say.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Congratulations Jon Michael...

where does the time go?
From a little guy in the water in Waikiki

to a high school graduate, going off to college?

Sunday I went to a graduation party of our good friends son, Jon Michael.
It was so good to see what a wonderful young man he's grown up to be.

part of the entertainment were two guys, "the bruddas".  They were so
darn funny and Jon Michael was such a good sport.

proud momma, Diane danced a special hula, "Ku'uipo", for Jon Michael.

the center pieces were all pictures of him playing football.

younger brother Jayson, Diane, Grandma Kauai Debbie, Jon Michael and dad Kanai.
Jayson is also so nice and crazy tall!

the view from Natsunoya Tea House in Alawa Heights

 Kanai told me that he really felt that his two boys are his greatest accomplishment. I know how proud he is of them and you could see Diane's love just overflowing.

Congratulations again Jon Michael!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013...

I took a drive up to Punchbowl too see the flags and leis.  I love it up there.
There were so many people just looking at the grounds.

some people decorating specific sites.

I know that Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who 
have lost their lives in the fight for freedom...
I think about friends and neighbors who are serving now to continue that fight...
Charlotte, Billy, Ed are our neighbors, my brother's kids
and our Waialua Ward Ohana.
Thank You.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Last Day...

today is the last day of school with these goofy guys.
On to 3rd grade and bigger things.

I must admit it's been a pretty fun year
but it sure will be nice to have some summer vacation.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Congrats Waialua Elementary...

for making AYP (adequate yearly progress)  and HSA (Hawaii State Assessment) goals AGAIN!
Lots of handwork by everyone at the school.
As a reward for reaching these goals all the kids got to throw 2 water balloons each at 
Mr. Moore as he walked around.
This year he was a little bit more prepared with body armor.

(mahalo Mrs. Paz for the photos)

Congrats again to all the students and staff at Waialua Elementary!
This is what makes it such a great school!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hou'oli Hula Maids...

In 1971 the very first winners of the Merrie Monarch Hula Contest
were the Hou'oli Hula Maids.
When I was in Hilo for Merrie Monarch, the surviving members danced
at the hoike of Wednesday and then held a "talk story" at Imiloa.
I saw them dance but didn't get a chance to go hear them talk.

(HPS photo. Mahalo to them for all the great old photos I've used)

On Friday at the hula conference, they were there and danced a few songs.

even though all these years have passed and one of them has health issues,
they are still out there dancing hula! With smiles on their faces and beautiful hula
hands they continue to dance.
Hula is life and Hula lives...

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Hawaiian Room...

On Saturday of the conference, there was a gathering of a special
group of ladies.

In 1937 the Lexington Hotel was in need of something to bring in money, so 
they opened the "Hawaiian Room"
and for the next 30 years for two shows a night, 6 days a week
Hawaii was brought to New York.

Famous Hawaiian performers played there; Alfred Apaka, Ray Kenny,
Kui Lee to name a few.

Part of these shows were the hula maids dancing both hula and Tahitian.
These girls traveled 5000 miles from Hawaii to New York to 
dance in these shows.  

So on Saturday a group of these girls got together to "talk story"
about their days there.

We were invited to the conference by TeMoana (Marcie) who is the
niece of the Alama Sisters.

some pictures of Marcie during her Lexington days

one of the oldest girls still gets up to dance

they talked about what it was like to be chosen to go and how they were chosen.
What they thought when they first arrived, "where is the sun? Where are the trees? Where is
the ocean? Where is the blue sky?"  
It didn't seem like they were paid much, so they talked about how they went out as
a group to parties.

one of them had the actual dress she wore when a group of 
them danced on 5th Ave. when Hawaii became a state
that's her in her dress in the middle

there was lots of hula,
once they heard the music, away they went

listening to this group talk about their New York experiences
was something I'll never forget.

even after this many years they're still dancing...

I'm so thankful that the Hula Preservation Society has gotten all of them
together again to tell their stories.
This was really something that I'll never forget.
Mahalo Marcie and all the gracious girls.