Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Counter

Last night a group of friends and I went into town, Kahala, and had dinner here... It's owned by ...

no, we didn't see him.

It was so good. The Sweet Potato Fries are the best. Read about it

(sorry, I just can't seem to get the link deal
it was good to go ahead with plans, even after this was here...

because of this...

I didn't call, she did...go figure?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Best Mexican Food in Hawai'i... El Palenque

Coming from So. Cali, home of a million Mexican resturants, how could we possibly say that the "best Mexican food we've ever had" comes from a place in the middle of Oahu, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? It's true! This place is small, only 6 tables, run by real Mexicans from Mexico (don't ask me how they ended up here) and really does have the best food.

Every time we go, we're amazed. Last year they "re-decorated", this included tablecloths, fresh paint, and actual menus. The menu here is more traditional home-style food. They have tortas, mole, macacha (my favorite), too many things to name. But the truely amazing thing is that their corn tortillas are all "HANDMADE", yes, right there you can see her making them. They are soooo good.

So last week, when a group of friends went all the way to Wahiawa (8 miles) to have the "best Mexican food", it was well worth it!