Thursday, June 28, 2012

The RV...

When Lauren was just a toddler, we started referring to our VW Bus as "the RV".

Our bus is a 1971 camper.  We've owned it for probably 20+ years.  We're only the
third owners. The only thing that's not original on it are the curtains.  Even the front license plate is
the original one.  This is actually our second bus, we had another one exactly like this one,
but sold it to by our 73 Land Cruiser (hubby and Geoff went to mainland Mexico in that).

We didn't take it to Hawaii because of the rust problem (it would probably be rusted away by now).
So Hubby uses it to carry his OC 1 down to Dana Point Harbor.

The RV has been to Mexico plenty of times, we carry lots of extra parts...just in case.
Now the Grands love to ride up to the trash compactor with Poppa.  We can't take them
any farther because there are any seat belts in the back.  
Last year we took it down to San O and the kids loved it.  

the piece of metal coat hanger is what we use as an antenna

the water faucet for the sink (still works)

The closet has become a storage closet now.

The work table and the inside table are in perfect condition.

A 4 speed gear shift on the floor.

Hubby stores his canoe stuff inside

Just last week when Dane saw it,  he couldn't believe that we had a VW camper.
We know we could sell it pretty fast, but who wants to?  Not us.
We love our RV

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Coach Geoff & Coach Geoff...

these two guys were roommates many, many years ago in Costa Mesa & Newport...
now here they are coaching their sons soccer team.

Geoff and Parker and Geoff and Greyson

I'm sure all those years ago they never would have imagined 
spending Sundays on a little soccer field!
It's nice to see things like this.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Double Digit...Happy Birthday Lauren...

Today is Lauren's 10th Birthday!
Finally in the double digits!
Lauren is a bright spot,

a top-notch skateboarder,
a performer,

a good little surfer,

a Girl Scout,

a really good student,

an excellent swimmer,
and she's the one that made us Grandparents.
Happy Birthday Lauren, we love you and are so proud of you.

Happy Birthday Greyson...

Today is Grey's 5th birthday!!!
Grey has grown up so much in the last year, he's...

an expert LEGO builder,

bike rider,

an awesome soccer player (who doesn't like to practice, just wants to play),

a big brother,

a Moysa in more ways than one...

he's become a surfer!

We love you Grey, Grey.
Thanks for being such a special Grandson!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Pollocks come to San Clemente...

Our dear friends from Waialua, Dane & Kerilyn, are living in San Diego for 6 months along with
Dane & Leah.
Grandpa Steve & Grandma Coco were visiting on their way to 
a vacation, so we decided to get together.
I asked Traci if we could use her house, since there would be a lot of kids (7).
Geoff & Bri had been at Leah & Danes wedding reception during a visit to us when Emme 
was only 3 months old.
Like sweet Kalei said, "it was a little weird" to all be together on the mainland".

Dane & Billy at the BBQ 
(yes, Dane you made the blog!)

 Pollock boys...

All the boys...Zealand, Reef, Greyson and Jack...

the girls... Kalei, Lauren and Emme

Mahalo for coming up for a visit , BBQ and checking out the MH.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Father to Son...

This morning Geoff called and said that he was taking Grey to T Street to surf.
We met them down there and I saw something amazing...

I wish I knew how to publish these side-by-side to get a better idea, but I think this
pretty much shows it all...

they were using the same board...

a final stylin' ride after seeing...

some dolphins playing in the surf.

Grey turns 5 on Tuesday...

now we just need Lauren out there to complete the picture

Friday, June 22, 2012

Heidi's Celebration...

Last Saturday was Heidi's retirement party.  
It was held at Gyotaku, so the food was so good.
This wasn't a surprise, but since we'd been out of school for a month, it was
nice to see everyone.

Heidi and her husband Victor arriving, with granddaughter Lily giving her the first lei... 

this was also a party for one of the food service ladies that had worked at Waialua for as long
as Heidi.
Rob acted as MC and he was so darn funny!

Teachers and staff...

Miss Lulu and Kumu,

Mr. Moore

current and former Second grade staff

 Rob had the two ladies to a Filipino cup dance...

I will really miss this lady.  
She's been so dedicated to the school and her students.
In her closing speech, Heidi spoke about her love of teaching and how her mother also had
been a teacher.
Victor, Heidi, Cora (Kinder teacher @ Waialua), Ed and Lily

Happy Retirement Heidi!