Friday, August 31, 2012

Summer Olympics means...

doing gymnastics on Waikiki!
Lauren watched a lot of the Olympics, so ....

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Got Jack a new snorkel mask this year since he 
practiced going down deep with one in the MH pool.
So it didn't take him long to head out to see the fish at 3 Tables

He's spent so much time in the water, I think he's growing some gills!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Her First Wave...

Lauren paddled out in Waikiki late yesterday afternoon.
She went over by the sandbar for her first surf in Waikiki.
Surf was small, but she still had a great time and was ready to 
go out again.

even when she paddled back in, she did a 
great job get through the crowds.

Great job Lauren, we're so proud of you!
Now you're part of Waikiki!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One of the best...

things about Hawaii is that you 
get to be on the beach as 

the sun sets and

can still swim after the sun has gone down!

Monday, August 27, 2012


These two are here for a couple of weeks...
this was taken late Friday night waiting for dinner, they don't 
look tired, but everyone was.
So when we finally got to bed that night, it was late.  
Since Lauren slept with me, as soon as she heard the girls across the street outside,
she was up and wanting to get ready.
Then this happened...

These two girls were reunited after a long 
year of separation!

I love that they can still be friends, even if they live so far apart!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Birthday Month Continued...

I finally got together with these two special people, Travis & Marisa.
We met up at Haleiwa Joes.  I love going there in the summer especially, since it's
so cool in there (in the winter need to bring a sweater).

We ordered all of our favorites, edemame, poke, salads, mushrooms...

but the BIG surprise was the "Love Cake" with  candle and our favorite waitress, Kassey!
Thank You Travis & Marisa for making me feel so special...
I love you guys!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


The Polynesian sailing canoe, Iosepa (Joseph) came into Haleiwa
Harbor.  This canoe looks like the Hokule'a, but is smaller.  The Iosepa is 57 feet and the Hokule'a is 61 feet. Hokule'a is a double mast, Iosepa is single.  The biggest difference
is that the Iosepa is all wood, and Hokule'a is not. There aren't very many all wood canoes around
so it makes Iosepa more special. It was carved by hand in Laie.

Years ago we went down to Sand Island to see the Hokule'a being blessed after being in dry dock, hubby 
went on it.  61feet might seem big, but in the middle of the open ocean it's  small!

A friend of ours from our ward, Daniel Skaf, did a documentary about the Iosepa. 
You can read about  the documentary here.

The Isosepa was blessed and put into the water again in Laie in November 2011.
Here  are some photos from that day. This canoe has special meaning to so many people.

After dinner on Wednesday night, I took Travis and Marisa to see the Iosepa.
I didn't realize that the scouts, YM and YW from our ward would be there 
learning about it.  
We started talking to a guy standing there and it turns out that he was
Kawika Eskaran, one of the master carvers of Iosepa.
He has sailed also on the Hokule'a.
We were so honored to be talking to this man.  He told us a bit about the canoe
and then gave us a very short lesson on the art of navigating by the stars.
We were very lucky indeed. I even asked his permission before taking his
photo....a huge mahalo.

I felt like I could have talked to him all night and asked him a thousand
questions about both the Iosepa and Hokule'a.
The Iosepa is another example of the 
importance of keeping the Polynesian culture alive here in Hawaii.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Change...

in the view of the North Shore.
I haven't written about this yet because I'm not sure how I feel about it.
We understand the need for this state to find ways to cut the dependance on
energy sources coming from outside the state.  There is a huge push 
here for solar energy, which makes sense with all of our sunshine!
Wind also makes sense, with the trades.
What we're not sure about is the change to the view of the whole North Shore.
There are wind turbines in Kahuku that sit up on a hill, but you can't really see
them once you get past.
The ones that are going up in Haleiwa can be seen from all over the
North Shore.  Coming from Wahiawa, once you past
Dole Plantation, it doesn't take long for them to come into sight.
We've noticed them looming over Waimea as you come around the curve from Foodland.
They can be seen from Mokuleia all the way across the bay.

these photos I just snapped with my phone along Kam Hiway before the Haleiwa 

I snapped this one yesterday by the elementary school.

There are double the number of turbines than at Kahuku
and I'm afraid, double the eyesore.
It really has changed our beautiful North Shore.
I would hope that it doesn't take too long for all of us to see
the benefits...supplying electricity to ALL of the North Shore.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

On A Clear Day...

(photo taken from our driveway)

Waialua is at the base of Mt. Ka'ala, at 4,025 feet it's the
highest point on Oahu.
I was leaving the other day and there wasn't one single cloud in the 
sky! Not one, anywhere! Here in Hawaii our weather is usually
clear, but there are usually some types of clouds somewhere.
I looked up at the mountain and was so surprised it was so clear.
There are some days when the summit of Mr. Ka'ala is 
covered by a fog/clouds. There are ancient forest up there
that are the homes of very rare plants that are protected. So 
Mt. Ka'ala is a bit of a mystery and spiritual place.

Mt. Ka'ala is the home of Princess Kaiona, (attractive ocean). She is very protective
of travelers and even though she is deaf and blind, she sends birds to
help guide the way.

At the top are FAA tracking stations, radio towers and the weather 
station.  At night you can see lights up there and we've joked about it
being a landing spot for the "others" (have to had watched LOST).

I do love to look at Mt. Ka'ala, especially on a clear day.

Monday, August 20, 2012

So Girly...

On Friday, it was a special baby shower for my friend, Autumn.
After having two boys, she's having a little girl in a few weeks, so this
was the perfect opportunity to get "Girly".
The decorations and food presentation were so cute,

we even had a "pink" take on the "green jello salad"

Cute Autumn.
Here in Hawaii when you are pregnant and wear a lei, it has to
be left open by Hawaiian tradition.

We played some games

Autumn's youngest little guy came in for some snuggles

we laughed at cute Lala,

were amazed at the talented friends...

everything was so "pinkalicious"

Friday, August 17, 2012

A Puffie Birthday Celebration...

Today is Arlette's birthday!
Since today is a school holiday, we celebrated hers today and
a belated one for me.

 Cammie got "snow puffies" from Paalakai Bakery...
yes, they were to die for!

Happy Birthday Arlette!
Glad there was a reason to celebrate!