Thursday, August 28, 2014

I'll See You Soon...

the last two trips I made to California I visited with a long time friend, Shan.
Shan has been battling breast cancer for 10 years.
A few months ago she was told that there wasn't anymore that could be done.

As I read her FB post, I was so sad...what a waste of a truly good lady.
In March, Shan told me that she had some things she really wanted to do...
attend the Brigham Young Granddaughters luncheon that she did every year
and see her oldest son married.
When I went to see her in June, she again told me about wanting to go to SLC
for Scott's wedding.

I stopped by and saw her a couple of weekends ago.  My darn back had kept me
down long enough.  I knew that her sweet husband Ron was now home full time.
I sat with her for an hour while we talked about our kids, the wedding and
the upcoming reception the next weekend.

We laughed about our trips to Hawaii when the kids were young
and just about so many things.  I could tell that she was getting tired.
I got up and bent to kiss her, I really didn't want to say good-bye...
so I just said "I'll see you soon" and told her how much I loved her.

The following Saturday, instead of a wedding reception we were attending 
her memorial service.
It was sad, but also a time for remembering this really special, sweet spirit.

(thanks Kitty Bingham for remembering to take a photo and for letting me use them)

A few months earlier, I'd been asked to write a letter to Shan and include 
any photos I had for a book the RS sisters were putting together.

I found some from this trip.  Maybe 30 years ago.
We had such a good time.

It was a wonderful service honoring Shan and her grace.
It was a joyous time knowing that she wasn't suffering any longer and was out of pain.
It was a time to see old friends and reminisce about our old Capo Ward and all the years that
had passed.

Shan, until we meet again...

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bathing Beauties and Double Shakka's...

cuzzies are such fun...
the boys spend hours in the pool.  Some of the games they come up with
crack me up.  They can't really explain it to me, but they seem to know
how to play.

these two bathing beauties are something else...
Lauren was so good with Miss Emme.  
Emme tried to do everything that Lauren was doing.
they really had a great time playing together.

the pool seemed to be helping by back (up until yesterday)
so we got in some really good, warm, salt water time without being at the beach.

love these four kiddos

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Comfort Food...

a taste of something that taste like home or brings back fond memories.
It's funny how I've seemed to find more of these places when I'm on the mainland.

There's a place in Dana Point, Stacks, that we'd been wanting to try because they
have a big sign in the window that says that they have gluten free pancakes.
I was surprised to see "Portuguese sausage, eggs and rice on the menu.
It was actually very good, not Rolandos, but close.

we took the kids to get some sushi that Lauren was craving the other night and 
they had ahi poke on the menu.
It reminded me of the poke our neighbor, Christine makes in her "poke stack" because
it had avocado in it.  It was also very good.

Lauren found her "comfort food" in the GF pancakes at Stacks.
She said they didn't even taste GF, (not that she would remember what regular
taste like she says).  They were the best, and she'd like to eat there
every day!
It's hard to just walk in somewhere and order pancakes right off the menu,
so this was happiness.
and she ate the whole thing!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Literal Pain In The...

for the last four days I've been suffering with sciatica.
I had it once before and it's a real pain.  
It felt ok when I went swimming but afterwards didn't think I was going to
be able to get home.
I've been icing it and doing some leg stretches I saw on you tube, hope they help.

I couldn't even sit in the chair to use my lap top.  Arrrrgh!

I've decided I'm getting better.  I'm done with it. 

Yup that's what I've decided.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

End Of A Long Journey...

a 3 year journey has come to a happy ending...
Baby Tucker has arrived.
It started 3 years ago with Bri being asked if she would consider being a gestational
carrier for her cousin Perry and his wife.  This was a journey she and Geoff took together.
There were trips back east, countless injections, failed pregnancies, sickness, pain...
but through it all Bri was a "Rock Star".  She continued to be a wonderful wife, loving mom
to two of our grands and a top-notch designer.

There was a "Plan A".  The parents were arriving on Monday, I came on Tuesday (my job
was to watch the grands during the labor/delivery) and the BIG DAY was Wednesday.

Tucker decided he was going to come a day early!
I went directly from the airport to their house, so that I could relieve Bri's sister that had 
been there all day.  
After a longer than planned labor, Tucker was finally here.  
Bri had done it!
She gave the most unselfish gift any one could ever give...

Tucker and his parents soon after his birth

I knew that Bri and Geoff would be protected during this whole process.
I'm still in awe of Bri for her determination and love for her family.  Geoff for standing by
and supporting her during these years.
They're amazing and we love them so much.

Geoff snapped a couple of cute pictures.

just arriving at the hospital...                                      leaving the next day and heading out for some             
                                                                                   poke that she hadn't been able to have!

The greatest gift was delivered!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Iselle and Julio, Isolated...

the Hawai'ian Islands are the most isolated group of islands in the 
world.  In a lot of ways this is a good thing...the protected beauty of
these islands, much slower pace, and the aloha spirit.
 There are times like now with hurricanes, Iselle and Julio bearing down on
us that we realize just how isolated we are.  People here take
things like this very seriously.  If the power goes out (like it did once for 3 days) that
means no water pumping at the treatment stations.  So we buy water and 
fill bathtubs with water to flush the toilet.  Always fill up the gas tank because
if the ships can't get here there won't be gas.  People laugh "it's an island, where 
are you going to go?".  Might be, but it could take over a week for gasoline
to get here.  That's why there's always a run on toilet paper.

Being so isolated has made the state put together emergency plans.  These plans
really do seem to work.  I think one of the biggest reason is that people
take it seriously and they work together.

We live on a very small speck in a HUGE ocean,
but being so isolated has taught us...
"plan for the worst, hope for the best"
I'm glad that's exactly what we did.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Iselle and Julio, We're Ready...

last night a couple of boys from church (thanks Stuart & Max) came by
and took down our tarp.  Lawn chairs are put away.  Got extra propane.
Rubbish cans will be taken in.  I think we're ready.  We haven't boarded
windows, hope that's ok.

Iselle and Julio continue their march towards Hawaii.  Thinking about our
friends on the Big Island.  They're going to get hit the worst.  Praying for them.

A few observations...
I can't figure out why they haven't cancelled school over here on Oahu. Bus service
is cancelled starting tonight at midnight.  We were told yesterday to un-plug everything
today before leaving.  Not sure what they're waiting for.

Water and Spam have disappeared off the shelves.  That and toilet paper.
People wonder why tp?  If the ships can't get here because of stormy seas...
no tp

Different than tsunami.  Right away start loading and getting out and the sirens...
With this there's so much time to prepare, there's no reason not to be or not
to take it seriously.

About 8 years ago, there was a big storm one December.  The winds came on
suddenly.  Terry and I were out in the middle of the night taking down the tarp.
The next morning, the reports were that there were gusts of 85 mph coming down
off Mt. Ka'ala.  I remember what it looked like the next morning and
the sounds of it that night.

Praying for Hawi'i

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Iselle and Julio, Expecting The Worst ...

Yesterday hubby got us some more water, new batteries and 
a few more cans of soup.  We'll get bread and fill up the cars today.  We're good.
On the news last night they showed the long lines at Costco.
People take this very seriously.
Since we don't have any "picture windows" just jalousies, windows should be good.
A few of the boys from church are coming today to take down the tarp for us.

Last night my friend Laura posted a picture of her supplies.
She asked the question, "who eats this stuff?" my answer,
"Hawaiians getting ready for a natural disaster".
Times like these are when canned food is appreciated.

last nights sky was so pretty.  We were watching it change colors
in our kitchen.  My friend Gloria got the perfect picture of it.
Is this the calm before the storm?

this morning the sky is cloudy with maybe the first clouds on the 
edge of it.  Surf on the east side is going to be 20+ feet they say.
Big Island is going to get pounded.  

"Expect the worst and hope for the best"
this is what we're doing.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hurricane Iselle, Better Safe Than Sorry...

well we're in the middle of hurricane season and we've got
a big one headed our way.  Iselle is picking up winds as she heads this 

They're expecting Thursday into Friday to be bad with the winds and rain.
I'm so thankful that Terry is home.  This will actually be the first
time that he's been home for anything like this.  The 3 tsunamis he's been on the 
mainland and hasn't had to go through that.
Today we went through our supplies.  Just a few things that we need, mostly water.
We don't have a lot of room here for food storage (and what I did have from Bishops 
storehouse rusted through).  We've got two big plastic containers with plenty of 
food.  We don't want to have to go into that if we can help it.  With all electric
appliances, we have to think about how we're going to cook/heat food.
We've got our emergency kit ready to go and all of our important
papers in a handy binder.

We were looking at the Civil Defense website that shows the shelters...only 1, 
Waialua High School, for all of the No. Shore (Kahuku to Kaena Pt.) now
that's crazy.
Someone said any hotel or building above the 2nd floor is good.
Wonder if we should check into Aulani?
Could they have special "hurricane rates"?

I'm just so thankful that Terry's here.  At least we'll be together.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Many Things To Celebrate...

yesterday after (way after) Na Hula we went to a family celebration
for the Sato family.  They had many things to celebrate...daughter and her
family visiting from Texas, a big birthday, a retirement, a company
doing really well.  Most of all they wanted to celebrate this little lady,
my sweet Elsie.  94 years young.
She was nice enough to invite all of us, her hula sisters and our

Sharon and Leialoha

some of Mitzi and Henry's food
(local style, chili and rice)

my hubby was happy with the hot dogs!

 our Makaleka came after taking Ms. Alama to the cemetery (but Ms. Alama was
exhausted to attend).

we were laughing at the Coke can I got...
wish it had said "sistahs"

It was a very long day, but worth it in the end, getting to spend more
time with my sweet hula sisters.
Love them!

Friday, August 1, 2014

First Day...

today is the first day of a new school year.
I've been busy using my computer/scrapbooking skills
to make some new things for the classroom.
Today when we left, it looked really good.

there's a certain bit of apprehension that comes with a new year, but
I think we're ready...
Let the new year begin!