Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Last week we went into Wahiawa for dinner at El Palenque. When we were leaving, we didn't want to turn into "tweekerville", so I went straight up the road and turned left. Never been out that way before, so just kept driving. This is what we came to beside the road...
He was just eating and walking along. sorry these are a little out of focus, but I took them far back because I didn't want him to run away. He was actually pretty big. We were surprised to see him right next to a golf course. It had rained a little bit and was almost dark, their favorite time to come out and "root around". We could see his black eyes, which was a sort of creepy.
I was glad that I finally had my camera out and ready!
Pua'a= pig

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Prince Kuhio Day

In Hawaii holidays are taken very seriously. Today was a state holiday, Prince Kuhio Day. Prince Kuhio was very important to modern day Hawaii. He introduced legislation that is very much like today's Akaka Bill (giving native Hawaiians the same rights as other indigenous people, i.e. Indians and Eskimos). He also is credited with starting the Hawaiian Homestead Act.
Anyway, I took my neighbor Karen for her treatment at Trippler very early this morning. We were going to go to the Prince Kuhio celebration, but decided to have breakfast at Dukes in Waikiki instead (another post). After breakfasts, talking story with people, walking through "Royal Hawaiian Resort ???" and a trip to Whole Foods, decided to take a drive by where the service had been.

It was on the grounds of Mauna 'ala, the Royal Mausoleum. There were a few people still lingering around, so we parked. This was one of those times when I was so glad I just went with it. It was a real "chicken skin" experience.We walked down some stairs into the actual crypt room. The sweet smell of all the flowers was almost overpowering. Lauai leaves were covering the floor, giving off their own smell.On every wall were the names of all the kings and queens of Hawaii. It was actually very emotional.Outside there were several crypts that also contained remains.

If you ever want a unique "Hawaiian" experience~ visit the Royal Mausoleum in Nu'uanu.

Monday, March 23, 2009


"Serendipity is the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely."
That's what it was when I ran into these people on my way to find something new to wear to the "City and County of Honolulu Senior Recognition Awards Luncheon ". I was going to Na Mea/Native Books and turning the corner at Ward Ave., saw Iris' car with the Hoyts from Kona. Gary and Benita from Ewa joined us for dinner.

Me, Ray, Val, Benita, Gary and Iris

We were hula sisters in CA and all of us now live here in Hawai'i. Iris and I are the only ones still dancing, since Benita had knee replacement and Val lives in Kona.

We had dinner down at Pier 39 at a place called "Uncles". It was great, all fresh fish, yum!

It really was a pleasant, un-expected surprise!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

B'days at the fale

Today I was invited to the Moody Ohana's monthly b'day celebration in the fale (Samoan or hale in Hawai'ian). They have such a large extended family that they do this once a month. We'd been invited before, but this was the first time we actually went. It was so fun. The grandparents have such a HUGE property, that they built the fale in their yard. Here is could also be considered a luau hale. Anyway, tons of food, tons of people, tons of fun!
Yes, home-made, hand-cranked, strawberry ice cream!

Bet he hasn't seen anything like THIS in Provo!

All the kids ended up playing a game of football. What a great way to end the evening.

Mahalo Moody Ohana for good times!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Only in Hawaii, vol VI

Only in Hawai'i can you... See rainbows reflected in the market windows
get by with only 1 traffic light in your city

use an animal for an alarm clock

and everybody knows some of the local language!
Yes, lucky we live Hawai'i!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

1st Annual Kaamooloa Rd. Movie Night

After 2 years of talking, we were finally able to pull it off! Ed had access to a movie projector, we found a place, (not our yard because of the "situation"), rain had stopped and it just seemed right.
Ed getting all the electronics set upSome of the girls just hangin' out, eating some yummy pot luck food!Eating Coco Puffs from Liliha Bakery in town....oh so good!
kids getting all ready with blankets, pillows, popcorn, candy, etc.

our sunset last night

let the movie begin!
good fun and only a small trade shower passed through!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

SALE In Case You're Interested...

LOST in Paalakai

Well it's over...LOST has packed up and left Paalakai. Must say, that while they were here, it was pretty exciting!
Traffic being held for a shot, this is right where I turn to go down our street.
waiting around, I guess for the shots...seems to be a lot of that

later in the evening when we all walked up to check it out, this guy wouldn't let us get too close.

the day after, they were putting everything back into the store that they'd taken out

really was quite a production deal. I'd really like to get one of these signs for my car.

the LOST trucks, mixed in there with everyone else who was so glad that the market was finally open!

just a little bit of excitement here in the country.
ps...Kanoa said he thinks that this is part of the finale episode and that we should be able to reconize our market.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Right in my own back yard (almost)

I just got home from doing errands and this is what greeted me at the top of our street...
being the savy person I am, I realized they were getting ready to film something! Could it be??? Really??? LOST? Here?!!!
The little market at the top of our street has been closed for the last couple of days, to everyones amazement! Well, this must be the reason! What you can't see in this photo, is that the guy sitting there has on a "LOST CREW" shirt.
I looked again, and here was our friend, Kanoa (he's a set-dresser) putting up new signs on the windows of the market.

If you look closely, the signs all talk about IOWA! I'm thinking that this must be a night shoot, since it's noon and they're just getting all the stuff there.

Yes, pretty exciting, since it really is almost in my backyard!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Check it out...

If your a fan of "LOST" check out the new blog link I've just added, "Dispatches From The Island". I'm not going to tell you who writes it, just that it won't take you long to figure it out.