Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hawaii Version of Downton Abby Tea...

My sweet friend, Marisa (also a "Downton Abby" fan) and I were
discussing this weeks surprising episode and decided that 
it would be fun to go to Tea somewhere.  I found out that
they still do an afternoon tea service at the Moana.  So today was our 
day to head into Waikiki.  

This was so fun!!!!

we both agreed that we had the best table on the lanai...right
overlooking the beach.

Marisa enjoyed her glass of pink bubbly

the food was so good!  Tea sandwiches, scones, mini-macaroons, Lilikoi tart, Devonshire
cream, lemon curd, mochi cupcake

we were given sandalwood fans

fresh berries with cream and brown sugar, to die for

the end was a lemon grass sorbet that was the perfect ending to such an elegant luncheon

while waiting for our car we sat on the front lanai in comfortable
rocking chairs.  We started chatting with a family next to us.  They 
were from Canada " but originally from the UK".  To say we were
swooning, would put it mildly.  We told her what we'd been doing at the
Moana.  She told us that she'd already watched season 3, wouldn't tell
us more, only that it's worth watching.

Cheers to my sweet friend,
"well we're locals you know"

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Hat...

for Christmas, my dear friend and hula sister, Iris, gave
me a lauhala had that she'd made. I did a blog post here
about her and her weaving...never thinking she would give me one
of her beautiful hats!

I didn't realize what was in the huge bag that she'd left
for me at the hula studio.  I opened it and was speechless
and moved to tears.  All the work and patience that goes
into the whole process of making a hat like this, I can't even
imagine.  Iris and her friends actually pick the lauhala and treat it 
before doing the weaving.

I love that she signed and numbered the inside of the hat.  It really
is a one-of-a-kind and a work of art.

I have worn it several times.  I need to find the perfect lei po'o to
go on it.  Needless to say this hat will NOT be worn to the beach or in the water!
I will cherish it forever as I do Iris and her friendship.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Watch...

probably 25+ years ago, hubby bought me a watch for my
birthday that went with my Hawaiian bracelets.
I remember picking it out...I loved it because it was small
and looked like a bracelet.

I used to wear it all the time, then I needed a new battery
and put it away and forgot about it.
Last week I was looking for something else and there was my watch!
I felt like I'd found a lost treasure (it really wasn't lost, just out-of-sight).
So I called my friend and asked her where she got watch batteries closer to the
the North Shore ( I didn't want to drive into town or Pearl Ridge).  She 
told me about a place in Wahiawa and since I had to take my car in, this
was perfect.

I explained to the lady that I needed a new battery and right away, she
remarked on my watch "how unusual and old!"
The watch wouldn't work without being sent in for a cleaning, etc.
So she filled out a claim slip for it and weighed it, almost 20 grams of
18k gold.

She explained to me that my watch was #1 unusual because of the weight,
#2 the design (like a bangle bracelet) and #3 the small size of it.
She told me that these watches just aren't made anymore because of the
cost of gold, etc.  My watch is worth close to $2000.00!!!! More
to actually make a new custom design one!  What?!

I've always loved this watch and maybe love it more now.  
I was thinking, maybe I shouldn't wear it all the time anymore, but why not...
since I've started wearing it, people have noticed it 
and commented on it.

funny when I was taking these pictures, you can see how it's worn
around the face.  

maybe I'll have to do a little post about my bracelets and
the story behind them.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Westside Beauty...

on my little trip out to the westside, one of the things I really wanted
to do was drive out to Makaha and Yokahama Bay to
see how green it was.  I wasn't disappointed
to say the least.  The only thing, I wish I'd brought my long lens,
but still it was so pretty.
It's such a different kind of beauty than what we have on the North Shore.
Really is less crowded ( not a tour bus in sight)

a lot going on in Makaha because of a surf contest

Maili looking towards Makua

these are the weather stations that can be partly seen from our side

one thing that surprised me was that there are now more fast
food places in Nanakuli and Waianae...hope its not a sign of things to come.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Pililaau Rest Camp, Waianae

Last weekend I ended up on the "westside" for a birthday party at Maili .  I drove
down to Makaha to take some pictures and was surprised that our neighbors, 
the Cuas were staying at "Rest Camp" in Waianae and invited me 
to come over.

I'd never been there before and was surprised at how really nice it was.
This is a military spot that has cabins on a beautiful beach.  
It looked like the cabins had been re-done recently and they were so
clean and sitting on a really  great beach.

the front lanai

Susu and I enjoying the warm, westside sun

other friends were coming out to spend the weekend with the Cuas...and by the 
looks of their instagram photos it looks like they had a great weekend of sun, surf, music
and friends.

Ed and the boys gave me a final shakka before I left for home.

Thanks Cua family for the visit to a gem..."Rest Camp"

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Not So Obvious...

when the waves are big and the tide is really high there is one thing that
happens that isn't so obvious...water comes up onto Kam Hiway.
May not seem like a big deal and it isn't so bad, they don't 
close the hiway, just interesting.

This was taken at Lanis just a quick snap of my phone.
in the upper left is the caution tape closing the beach.  Lanis (also some people
call it "turtle beach") is right on the hiway and the beach isn't wide any time of 
the year.
Just another not so obvious effect of the high surf on the North Shore.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A-9 Bakes A Cake...

In A-9 the kids just finished a story, "Hedgehog Bakes A Cake" its about
friendship, following directions, etc.
I'd seen some recipes for cake in a cup you cook in the

One of the things the directions said was "measurements had to be
exact".  Needless to say every cake turned out differently! Some
were spongy and soft while others were harder.  Some
were smooth and others were lumpy and we even
had some that hadn't been mixed enough.

This was a great lesson on not only following directions but 
a little science experiment (solid-liquid-solid).

We'll see what the kids have to say about their conclusions today.

I < heart> A-9

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Heed The Warnings...

there's been a big swell the last week and another coming (it's building now).
These signs are posted on all the beaches.
There was an article in the paper the other day that said that lifeguards had rescued
150+ people over a few day period.
these are experienced surfer, these are tourist and locals for don't 
heed the warnings.

I was coming around Waimea curve and there was a tourist family with young
children, they had parked at 3 tables and were walking towards Waimea
with their  boogie boards in hand.  I'm sure they thought they could go in the water.

There's a reason the caution tape is up, to keep people off the beaches...a surge
can come up and sweep you into the water.  There are stories all the 
time on the news about that happening.  

There are times when it's so big at places like Sunset, above, that there aren't even any
surfers aren't out.  As I was sitting there watching, sure enough, some guys went under the 
tape and started down to the water...the lifeguards went down on the cycle and got them to 
come back up.  Right afterwards, a wave came up almost to the palm tree in the picture.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Dukes @ 20....

 Dukes in the Outrigger Hotel, Waikiki celebrated
their 20th anniversary last Friday.  Has it really been
20 year?  Where has that time gone?

I remember the restaurants that were where Dukes is now: Smorgys, Blue
Dolphin and something "....paddle".  Remember when
Jack in the Box was out front and the two walk-up
plate lunch places were under the stairs by the garage.
When Dukes came it changed the whole look...they brought some
up-scale aloha.  I remember the guys talking about
being asked for their input into what
they wanted to see...

all the dear friends we've made through the years at Dukes,
getting to know the good friends that have worked
there and the ones that are still there.
Sorry, Brett,  I love Huntington, but your Hula Pie
just isn't the same!

I've danced more hula at Dukes than any place else... not sure why that is (maybe
because no one watching really knows me and probably because
I've been asked).
all the parties we've had so much fun at; birthday (lots), graduation,
wedding shower, life celebrations, wedding and the list goes on...

Suzy Makua took these pictures at the opening of Dukes 20 years ago...

Steamboat, Tommy, Freddie, Kimo, Mike, Alex and Bernie...
personally they are the ALOHA that 
is what Dukes stands for

and this is what keeps the ALOHA alive...

to this day Dukes is one of our very favorite places to go...I still
get excited every time I walk through those doors.

mahalo Dukes and everyone for 20 years of
fond memories, happiness and are Waikiki

ka nani o' Dukes

thanks to dear Suzy Makua for the use of some of her photos.