Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rockin' out in San Juan Capistrano

While we were having dinner at Ruby's in San Juan Capistrano, the bar across the street, The Swallows, had their band playing so loud the kids couldn't help themselves...they had to rock out!

Craving cheeseburgers...

Ruby's San Juan Capistrano
Lauren told the waiter that she just "craves" their cheeseburgers.  They actually
offer GF buns on all of their burgers!  Yea!!!!
These monkeys took advantage of the balloon guy and got some pretty cool stuff.

True Food

 On our way home from the airport, Traci wanted to stop at a new resturant that she'd found.  They feature vegan, lactose free and GF free food.  It was so good!  It's in Fashion Island, Newport Beach,
where the old Hard Rock Cafe used to be.

 kids menu, turkey burger, brown rice and watermelon!
 glutin free baked ziti
 summer fruit sald
cucumber lemonade

in one word...YUMMY!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sk8er Boy

Jack has started to ride his skateboard a lot.  He took me out one morning to show me how
good he was doing. 

good thing he had his helmet on...he took a head-first tumble
after a run-in with a car tire.
I explained to him, that's why you always wear a helmet.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Aloha my friend...

Aloha to my friend, Karen. 
A friend who was always up for an adventure (if I drove),
A friend who listened,
A friend who came forward to help,
A friend who could make me crazy at times,
A friend that appreciated my gift of hula to her,
A friend who wasn't afraid.

a hui hou, my friend

Saturday, August 20, 2011

San O with the family

(warning...a lot of pics)
Finally, we got to do an all family bbq down at San O.  The weather stayed nice all day, the
water was warm, everything fell into place...just perfect!
Terry and I were saying that being down there brought back so many memories of when
we started to spend weekends down there when our kids were the ages of Geoff's.
Now our grandkids are enjoying it.
Lauren got to surf with bother her dad and Uncle Geoff, Gray got to go out for the first time, Jack
and Gray spent hours running around in the water and the beach, little miss Emme took
her first steps in the sand and just hung out.
 Lauren and Uncle Geoff

 Emme and Aunty Traci
 first sandy steps

 Lauren and her dad
 Emme and mommy

our old bus, still has some of the old San O Surf Club stickers in the window

hope we can do this again,
we loved making these memories

Thursday, August 18, 2011

She earned them...

Lauren finally got her ears pierced.  She had to work towards getting them done.
She had them pierced the morning before they came and picked me up at the airport.
I have to say she's being very consciouses about keeping them clean, etc. 
I think she's got all her earrings planned for the next several months.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Na Hula 2011

Na Hula this year was very stressful leading up to it.  So many hours
spent practicing and driving back and forth into town.  There were times I wasn't
sure I'd be able to even do it, my knees hurt so much.   I'd come home some nights very late from practice and beg hubby to just rub my feet.  I finally got a routine down, I'd take my pain
med right when I left Waialua, and by the time I got to practice, I was pretty good to go.

On the actual morning of the performance, I was so calm.  I guess I just figured that
by 10:00, if we didn't know the dances then it was just too late!  So out we went.  In previous
years, I'd always taken off my glasses durning the dance and put them back on between songs, so I couldn't see the audiance.  This year I did the first song with them off and then forgot about it
and left them on.  Amazing!  I could see all of our friends there!  I think it helped a lot
because I could smile at them and I felt like I was dancing for them!
Miss Alama actually danced this year.  It was a real tear-jerker for me.  She was dancing
for her sister, Aunty Lei.

(thanks to Kerilyn, Marisa and Benita for the photos)

A huge MAHALO to everyone who came this year.  It really does mean a lot
for me to be able to give this gift of hula to you.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ruby Jane

Please keep this sweet little family in your prayers.  Today is
the celebration of Ruby Jane's short life here on earth.