Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Time...and the lack of it

Remember when it used to drag by? Seemed like the ice cream man would never come, the bell to dismiss class would never ring, wedding day seemed like an eternity away, excitedly waiting for the birth of your first child, these were times when it didn't matter how many times you looked at the clock, it never moved!

I'm not sure when time started speeding up. Was it during the years the kids were growing up? Was it when they got married? Probably was sometime in between. I'm just not sure. One day you wake up and realize that suddenly the clock is spinning like a top. The problem with this is that there's still the same amount of hours in a day and some days those hours just don't seem like enough.

I guess what started all this was the last month, I feel like the clock is completely out of control! I made two (2), yes two trips to San Clemente this month. One was unexpected to babysit, (when I got sick), then a special one for Lauren's Grandparent's Day at school. On top of all this, our little association here is FINALLY going somewhere.

I was home a few days when Terry left for his regular trip. I'd been very busy when I was there, actually getting some furniture for the MH (mobile home) so that we didn't have to share a chair anymore. More about that whole thing later!

My neighbor, Karen, and I have spent precious hours going over the rules, violations, fines, etc. I actually feel like I'm on a little bit of overload with it all. The association has hired a management company, so that will take care of all this starting next week. So the last two weeks have been spent in meetings, at the computer re-writing, phone calls, attending North Shore Neighborhood Board meeting, more phone calls, more re-writing......aaarrrgggghhhh! All the while the clock is ticking away. Just gotta hang in there for a few more days.

A friend from church, his father passed away, so we made sandwiches for that. I'm speaking to the youth on Sunday, so I've been working on that talk. We're having an Open House for the new gym, so more sandwiches. A friend won a my "custom made scrapbook" at the auction, so I've been putting together some ideas for that.

On top of all that comes St. Patrick's Day. Good friend Rickey, called that morning, he made me feel bad that we weren't doing anything, so threw that party. Good fun. Easter Sunday dinner with neighbors, also good fun. Geoff called and asked me how their taxes were coming along. I really hadn't started on them, so I promised I'd do it that day. So looking at the clock again, I got started and it really didn't take too long.

My sister Penny and her husband will be here in a little over a week, so I'm planning a little "tour" for them. Gotta get the house together for that. Really need to do something with all this crazy paper that seems to be all over the office, lawyer stuff, association stuff, church stuff, Geoff's taxes, and, and, and! Maybe I just shouldn't look at the clock?

Whew! I'm tired just writing about it all! Well, promise to get caught up here in the next week. I just glanced at the clock. Yikes. The sun comes up early along with waking the roosters, so...
Night all!

Aloha and a hui hou,

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Early Morning

Early this morning I was writing an e-mail and I looked out the window. I could tell it was going to be a wonderful sunrise. I quickly ended the e-mail and grabbed my camera and was off. I was already dressed, so this saved some time. I drove towards Haleiwa (since this is east of us) and I tried to think of somewhere I could stop to get that "right" shot.

I pulled into the post office and jumped out of the car. Right across the street was the perfect shot! Across the street was a group of coconut plams next to the Waialua Community Association building. I stood there and probably took 20 pictures. The sky was changing by the second it seemed and I didn't want to miss any of it. It just seemed so perfect- the sky was orange, yellow, purple and blue. The trees were still dark. Pretty good if I do say so. Except for the street light sort of in the picture, Oh Well!

I just love this time of morning. There really isn't anyone out. The tourist haven't made it out yet from Waikiki, a lot of people are already headed to work in town and there isn't really any surf right now, so the surfers are all sleeping in.

Since I've always been a "morning person", I guess that's why I love it so much here at this time. Even when we lived in SC, I was out early, but it just wasn't the same. This is really "country", a two lane road, sidewalks that pretty much "roll up" at night and loads of chickens running around getting an early morning snack.

I took these two pictures from where I was standing across from the WCA. I just turned each way and snapped. I'm still amazed at how deserted it is. The picture on the left is facing West, towards Waialua. That's Mt. Kaala in the background. Even Cafe Haleiwa isn't open at this time. The picture on the right is facing east towards Haleiwa Beach Park. Notice there's really not anyone on the road. You can see there's a sign letting you know there's a signal up the way. This is the one signal in Haleiwa Town.

Last Saturday my hunk was trimming the hibiscus and cut his leg with a saw. He was very worried about tetnaus, so he went to the drs. yesterday and got a shot. He came home from the mainland also sick (hummm wonder who gave him that? :) So as you can imagine he's been hacking and limping. Poor guy! But he is getting better.

I leave tomorrow morning for the mainland for "Grandparents Day" at Lauren's school. I've had my ticket for a long time, so I'm really excited. I really hadn't unpacked my suitcase from a week and a half ago. So hopefully I'll have some new pics to put on my blog. Not sure if we're going to the Happiest Place on Earth again, but I'm taking my pass just in case.

Aloha and a hui hou,