Sunday, March 28, 2010


Last Friday, I took a few of my North Shore girlies into Waikiki to see some other friends play music at the Hyatt Hotel in Waikiki. This was good fun. None of them had ever done anything like that before.

a lei for Coco
music and hula
even took a hula lesson


got free lomi lomi

good fun...looking forward to doing it again!
(sorry no pics of the yummy, yummy Chinese food afterwards)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blue Bird

I had been at the bank the other day and as I was leaving the parking lot, I came across this guy. He was huge. Just cruising the shops and taking a stroll.

We don't often see peacocks down in Haleiwa town just taking a walk. There are some back behind Jamison's but you don't see them out this far. I know that Pupukea has a lot up there.
I'd rather look at these any day than those darn chickens!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Let Your Light Shine

Last night was our ward's Relief Society Birthday dinner. Our President had a vision and it was so fun seeing the sisters react to that vision.

I know that there are a lot of pics, but I tried to capture the whole feeling.
As they entered, they were greeted by the RS Presidency and then
escorted to their seats by the YM (needless to say this took many of them by surprise) into...

a transformed cultural hall. We tried to make it seem smaller, more intimate

beautiful centerpieces made out of Kukui pods, lemons and other local flowers

Meanwhile in the kitchen there were men that were actually plating the food and getting it ready

to be served by the YM and YW

After a yummy dinner we...
sang "Happy Birthday"...

and enjoyed a movie, dessert and music by a member of the Bishopric

and our 2nd counselor

then...took an impromptu trip around the many islands that are represented in our ward...

The Philippines


Tonga joined in...

even the mainland sisters danced the "Hokey Pokey"

Needless to say there were tons of laughs

(sorry I didn't get pics of our Bishop dancing a Samoan dance with one of the oldest sisters in our ward, a Tahitian dance, a Samoan dance by the RS President and the looks on all the sisters faces when they realized that how special they were being treated for an evening).
Our 1st counsalor gave a great short talk on the importance of the Kukui nut and how it was used in ancient Hawaiian times as a source of light. I just loved how she tied the whole thing together.
It was a great night! The Men our our ward along with the YM and YW made it so special, we couldn't have done it without them. Mahalo
The light in so many faces really made it worth it!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

There is beauty all around...

Last Sunday's lesson in RS was on the Creation. Ever since then I've been thinking about that and what that means to me. Today I went to Laie early in the am to meet up with a friend for breakfast. I left home really early and the drive over was gorgeous!

The beauty here on the North Shore is something that at times, very hard to describe. I wish that I could put it into words or even have my pictures do it justice.

All we have to do is look around us, and see the love and joy that was given to us.
I don't think I will ever get tired of looking at it.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Lunch Wagon or Lunch Car Food...

We've all seen lunch wagons pull up to construction sites or office buildings on the mainland. Here in Hawaii, the wagons or in some cases cars, park and people come to them. I've been taking pictures for a while now of this unique Hawaiian custom. I just realized that I've got pictures from pretty much the four sides of Oahu.
This is by no means ALL of the lunch wagons that are around, only a very small sampling.

Haleiwa Chevron gas station
Kam Hiway during THE EDDIE

Foodland parking lot, Laie

Ward Center parking lot across from the theaters

Sharks Cove

Sandy Beach, windward side (yes, same Wahoo's as on the mainland)

somewhere on Kam Hiway, windward Oahu


Kunia Road, Kunia

across from the Waialua Library, Waialua

Kalaeloa, Leeward side

Campbell Industrial Park, Ewa

Every time I go by one of these places, there are lines. Most of them serve up the traditional plate lunch...2 scoops rice, mac salad and some kind of meat. Always have fruit punch to wash it down.
I know that a lot of tourist will stop at the shrimp trucks, but these other places are just as good. So if you want some "real" local food, stop at a lunch wagon and order the special plate of the day. I'll guarantee it's probably "broke da mouth" good!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Only In Hawaii...

I've been to plently of Costco stores, but have never, never seen this before. The other day just as I was leaving, someone was announcing that as part of a "new cd release the artist and his halau were going to perform". What??? A cd release party in Costco! Alright!

I couldn't go around the other way to take pics from the front since I'd already checked out.
So do you think that they do this in let's see...Nashville?
Hope it's Only In Hawaii!