Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon (not a spoiler)

Let me just say...I LOVED IT!!! Without giving anything really did live up to my expectations. Note to self...get my books and re-read them!
I went to the 12:01am show with Marisa, Tina and Travis (yes Travis and he wasn't the only guy!). We got there about 8:45 and the line was pretty long and quickly got longer! It was such a mellow scene, people playing cards, texting, reading, eating Zippy's bento, etc.
Getting inside went soooo smoothly, I was surprised! They let us in about 10:30. Again, everyone just having a great time. Very excited.

It was such a fun night and I'm so glad that I got to experience it with such good friends. Thanks guys!
OK, so how many days to I wait before seeing it again?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Look What I've Got!

Yup, it's true...going to see "New Moon" at 12:01am!!! Have some friends that also wanted to go, so since hubby isn't home, furlough Friday and there will be lots of other people I know... Why Not?
I've been sorry that I didn't got to the midnight showing of Twilight or the midnight book sale, so this time, I'm there! Can't wait!

Monday, November 16, 2009

the boys

When I'm CA to babysit, on Tues and Thursdays I will also have Greyson while Bri's at work. Jack goes to school Monday, Wed and Friday, so it's way more fun for Grey to have Jack to play with on the days I babysit him. They really are so good together. I usually try to do something outside with them, just to let them get some fresh air and get some of that excess "energy" out.

Poppa and I took everyone to the "Red Barn Park" on Geoff and Bri's big move day. They loved being able to go all over the place on their scooters (Grey is really good on his, so he keeps up). FYI, Lauren is w-a-y ahead on her skateboard. One of the jobs I've given the boys to to go around the "MH" and pick up all the golf balls that have landed around. They take this whole thing very seriously, going around several times to make sure they get them all.

This last trip, I took them to the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana. They loved it!

Here they're playing in the water (supposed to show erosion) and sand table.

Even Grey was able to put all the dinosaur pieces where they belonged on the puzzle.

I just love these two guys!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

the "animal"

When I was in CA, I got to go to a couple of Lauren's soccer games. This year she has really "gotten it". After this game she called her Poppa and told him she played like "an animal".

I love the look of determination on her face. She's really had a great time this year, ( we think part of this could also be that she's feeling better). Spider rock!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank You...

We live in the only state that is represented by every branch of the service. On our small islands we have veterans and those that are currently serving our country that are our neighbors, we go to church with them, shop at WalMart or Costco with them, eat at resturants beside them while they're in uniform, drive through the bases, they are a part of our life here. So on this day we honor them.
Thank you for your service so that we may remain free

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

'Tis the season...

when that 7 mile stretch of land called the "North Shore" changes from sleepy, quiet to party, surf, crowds, surf, traffic, surf town. This week, the 12th, is the beginning of the Reef Hawaiian Pro at Alii Beach park. That's the first day of the waiting period, so no guarantee it will start that day.
the whole set-up takes over the grassy area. On the day of the finals, all the parking spots are gone and you have to walk in to see the contest.

this is also the season when we see rainbows that are farther over on our side. This is because of the change in winds and the way the sun shines in the fall and winter. Just had to include this picture that I took this morning, too pretty.
so as the saying goes..."let the games begin!"

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Old Time, New Time...what time?

(Flicker photo)

I just returned last night from the mainland, and now my body (and myself) are trying to figure out what time it is. A couple of days after I got to San Clemente, the "time changed". Always throws everyone off trying to remember "fall back, spring forward" or is it the other way around? The good thing is that in the fall it seems like you gain an extra hour of sleep, but if you have kids, it doesn't matter, they wake up anyway!

The first Sunday night in November is's dark at 5:00pm, which means your ready for bed about 7pm, which is really 8pm "old time"....

To add to all of this, here in Hawaii we don't change our clocks (like a lot of other places), so now we're 2 hours behind CA, instead of three. This throws off the times for departures in CA...just more confusion.

So, I've been up since 3:30 am, which is 5:30am California "new time" and 6:30am California "old time". No wonder my body is confused!