Saturday, October 24, 2009

Macro Flowers

A week ago I was taking some other pictures and decided to play around with the macro setting on my camera. I walked around the yard just snapping pics of all the flowers that were in bloom that day. It's amazing what a macro can pick up!

Just think what I could see if I had a really, really good camera!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hukilau Cafe

(AM this is for you)
When the day dawned like this... I knew it was a good time to head out early to Laie and one of the best local resturants on this side. It's not exactly close, but the beautiful drive and food are worth it!They have the best Loco Moco around. I didn't think I was up to eating the whole "regular" one, so I got the bowl. Only 1 egg, 1 beef patty, rice and gravy! It was so yummy!

My friend got the vegi omlette and said it was great!

Hukilau Cafe, Laie, Hawaii a true local spot!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our yard...

Last week we had some friends from the mainland over for dinner. Lisa Marie couldn't get over how beautiful our yard was. Hubby loved this! He loved being able to talk about EVERY plant he's planted, how the only actual plant in the yard when we moved in was the crown flower tree, he told about how he loves to have people from the church come and cut flowers and what he does to keep it looking like this.
I guess because I see it every single day, I take it for granted. So because today was so gorgeous, I decided to take some pictures to share.
Please enjoy our little bit of paradise.
looking towards the street from the back corner

from the side, looking towards the back side. that clay pot is sitting on the cover to our cesspool, in case you were wondering.

towards the back from under the crownflower tree

looking back

along the street, that's the famous Pak Lan tree on the right

from the driveway across the front. he did have some plants next to the house, but they because diseased and he hasn't decided what to put there.

from the back towards the side.back view...this is actually cool all the time because of the 3 Hau trees he's planted along the fence.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Na Kumu Hula

Last Friday we went to a performance of several hula halau. There were members of our studio and Aunty lei's that were performing. It was such a special night! What an honor to watch these two wonderful sisters. They each have been teaching hula for over 50 years! I realized how lucky I am to be able to have Ms. Alama share her love of hula with me each week.
Hula for the love of hula and what it means!
Mahalo Ms. Alama and Aunty Lei.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

School Lunch

(photo: Honolulu Weekly)

I volunteer at the local elementary school three days a week. There are times that I'll walk the kids down for lunch since I'm leaving anyway. The first time I did, I stood there amazed! It was like I had been transported back to the 1950's!
It's a REAL school cafeteria! There are REAL cooks. There is REAL food. There are actually older kids working in the cafeteria! The food ISN'T made in some "central kitchen" then trucked over. You can actually TALK to the cooks. There are REAL aromas coming from that kitchen!
The whole process is pretty much like it was when I was in school. Walk in (after cleaning your hands) take a paper tray (no more plastic trays), then move down the line while REAL people, scoop up your REAL food and put it on your tray. Then you move on to the cashier, then out into a real lunch room! It's not outside, but INSIDE.
When I worked...for the staff to buy a school lunch was a last resort. Not here! They even offer teachers/staff lunch cards so they could eat there everyday if they wanted to! At Waialua Elementary there is a program for parents to come several times a year to have lunch with their students. That's really how good it is! Because Waialua is a Title 1 school, breakfast is even offered to students...again REAL pancakes, etc!
A couple of weeks ago a local newspaper did an article on school lunches. I realized then that at most schools in Hawai'i a REAL school lunch is normal!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Endure To The End

Over the last 3 1/2 years there were times when I just wanted to "make it through today". This was supposed to be our dream...what happened? Who would have thought that this would continue? Not us! We come from a generation where people respect not only the law and courts but also each other. What kept us going? Knowing that this was not right, that it wasn't anyway to live.
Many, many times I'd be driving, laying in bed, cooking, or reading and one of my favorite hymns would just "pop" into my head. I'd end up humming it, or just thinking about the words. "the world has need of willing men"..."then don't stand idly looking on"..."push along". This hymn was written about a different type of struggle, but the words could apply to our struggle also. We've been through the court system, financial ruin, health issues and a loss of precious time yet we put our "shoulder to the wheel" and pressed on.
Just yesterday someone said they couldn't believe that we had "endured" all this without falling apart. We did fall apart, plenty! It seemed endless because we weren't ever sure what they legally would do next...
How did we endure to the end? Faith, in each other and knowing that we were being watched over. Love, for each other and our family and the love we felt from friends. Will-power, to stand for what was right, even when we were alone.
"...hope to be able to endure all things. " We did and we can.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hawaiian Autumn

Here in Hawaii the changes of season are so subtle, unless you lived here, you'd probably miss them.
It's actually more of a "feeling" than anything else.
The days are shorter, ready to come inside and it's only 6:30.
More trades it seems, actually have to close windows to keep papers from blowing.
The air "feels" different, almost cooler.
Not as many flowers on some of the trees.
Grass doesn't need cutting as often.
Crowds of summer are gone, more mellow before the crazy winter crowd.
Need more than just a sheet to sleep at night.
More "night-time" rain.
The California grass is getting green in some places because of the rain.
Everyone becomes a UH Warrior fan.
High school football games on television.
Holiday Craft Fairs are starting to be advertised.
So even though it's still in the 80's, the water is still warm, the skies are blue, here in Hawaii we really can tell it's Autumn by the "feel".

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tsunami Warning Test

On the first day of every month at exactly 11:45am, there is a Tsunami Warning Test siren that goes off all over the islands. Today when I heard it I had to stop and think...what day was it? Then I remembered and it was OK. We're so thankful that they test these sirens because it could mean the difference between getting away to higher ground or worse.

I had wanted to actually film it, but by the time I got my was over for another month. Just thought it would be good to do post on this, since here we do take these things very seriously as do other island nations. I read an article today that said in Samoa, when the children saw the water receding, they ran and rang the church and school bells as a warning. By doing this they probably saved lives.