Monday, September 30, 2013

Science Can Be Yum...

the other day, after a very long week,  I'd told Arlette that I'd like
to do a science lesson on matter.

Friday, September 27, 2013

5-0 in the Hood...

Wednesday morning these signs went up all along Kaukonahua...
a sign that Hawaii 5-0 would probably be filming.
I'd actually thought that they might be in the cane fields across the street.
I didn't think they were going to use the market because there weren't
any signs that Chris was going to be closed.

then Thursday morning, 
this is what was going on...they were going to use the old theater/Oils of Aloha/ice cream factory

they were spray painting stuff on the building.

then in the afternoon,
this is what I came home to...
it was crazy!
BTW in this photo, middle, bottom, a guy with dark shirt
and his left leg is out with his back facing me, that's the star, 
Alex O'Loughlin.  He was standing in the shade with his cell phone.
It's pretty crazy with all the security, HPD holding traffic, then directing it.

I wanted a DC, so I pulled into the market, but it was closed...
guess it's just too crazy with all those people everywhere.

so I came back around to go to 7/11 and saw this...
people dressed up in something...
I couldn't stop to ask or take more photos.

probably the most curious thing is what are they doing with 
the horses!
they had been tied up in front of the building.

It's always interesting to see what these places are supposed to be.

in LOST the market was in Iowa
around mill camp and that area was Africa...
I would bet that this is not going to be Paalakai/Waialua

when I turned the corner to come down the street...
they had all those HUGE trucks on the road with guys directing
traffic and a guy in cowboy gear...

last night was also "Sunset on the Beach" in Waikiki.
This has become a tradition that was started with LOST.
They show the first episode of the show on the big movie screen
down on the beach.
We've gone a couple of times.  Not so much to see the show, but to see
the stars...a real red carpet event, Hawaiian style.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

'Aina In Schools...

Waialua has applied for and received grants from the Kokua Hawaii Foundation
for the last several years to have a program called "'Aina in Schools"

this program focuses on farm to table and also good nutrition for students.
Volunteers present a presentation once a month to the students
and this is followed by some type of "healthy" food.

this time it was a smoothie that was made with taro.
the kids really liked it.

Kokua Hawaii Foundation was started by Jack Johnson and his wife.
It's because of this program that schools no longer use plastic luau trays for lunch.
And many schools have gardens that they grow their own produce that can be used in 
school lunches.
I just noticed that even the cups that are used, are biodegradable.

'Aina in Schools is a very, very good thing!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Best Sub...

Today we had Mr. Atwood as a sub...he's the best!
for 45 minutes he had the kids rapt attention as he told the story of,

complete with drawings, local places and people they knew

Mahalo Mr. are the best!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Movie Night...

the other night we had a RS activity that included writing to 
our missionaries, hot dogs, pop corm and a movie.
Such a fun get-together.

expert popcorn popper...Stu!

really good popcorn,

and all the fixin's

not only a great time to do some letter writing, talking, and eating
but watching a really good movie.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Hazel is ONE...

went to a very cute, fun 1st birthday brunch the other day...
Miss Hazel Hinton has turned 1.
It was the perfect morning...
not too hot yet and a few trade showers, but 
the big plumeria tree was an umbrella.

this photo was the second before she dropped her pretty pink cupcake...
all done!

Happy, Happy Birthday sweet Hazey!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Waikiki Photo Dump...

just some random pics I took when 
I was in town the other day...

my new cover/case for my new iPhone 
makes me smile when ever I see fun and
so different for me, not one bit of green on it.

don't see a lot of older VW buses here, I think probably because of the weather
and the rust, but I saw this one on Ala Moana.  It was so nice, but it didn't have
the full inside Westfalia camping set up.  That would have been too
much to ask.   Still nice.  Miss our RV (what the grands call ours) in SC

fall is coming to dips below 90 and it must be fall
Ala Moana Beach Park/ Magic Island

random reasons lucky we live Hawai'i

Thursday, September 19, 2013


it's a well known fact that here in Hawaii
we love our Spam!
Spam, rice, and eggs can be found at Mc Donald's (and probably every fast food place)
at breakfast time.

The original "fast food"is 
spam musubi
spam, rice and nori.
The very BEST musubi are the ones that 
have the spam cooked in a teriyaki sauce before being put together.
Paalakai Market has the best.

Well now it seems that Hormel, the makers of Spam
are cutting out 1 step...
Teriyaki Spam!

it will come as no surprise that Hawaii will be the first place to 
market it, even in its own special can.
Taste test to follow.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Wife's Car...

the other day I was on the freeway going into town
when this beauty came up beside me.  I actually heard it first,
so I had to let him in front of me.

I could hardly wait to take a quick pic for the hubby (who was on the mainland)...
his dream car.

We ended up getting off at the same ramp.  
He came up beside me while we were stopped, so I had to tell him what a nice 
car he had...a REAL race car!

he told me it wasn't his...
it was his wife's!
they had just gotten it and this was the first time he'd driven it.
With a starting price of $120,000...
nice gift!

I would like to have asked him if he was worried about driving it...
I've never driven our Audi, 
just not worth the headache or worry.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Waikiki Wrap...

saw the strangest thing the other day...
a WHOLE building wrapped in a sort-of aloha print!
right on Kalakaua Ave. in Waikiki.

I think it might have been the Waikiki Shopping Plaza building, but not

Just strange.

really did stand out so I 
wonder if it's only temporary...

Little early for Christmas wrapping.

Monday, September 16, 2013

UH School of Medicine...

the other day I took a little detour...I was in the Kakaako area of town
and had never really looked at the medical school before.
There wasn't really anyone around so I got a good look at it.

I didn't realize that it was so big. Much bigger than 
I expected.  There isn't a hospital on the same grounds
so these are all the classrooms and labs.
 I drove around all sides to get a good look.

there's a cancer center on the grounds.
I was wondering if this is where they saw patients or did research.

It' located in Kakaako area where the Children's Discovery Museum
is and Kakaako Park.
I had wanted to get out, but there are so many HUGE homeless camps right
there, I didn't feel like I should

I always thought that John A. Burns was a famous doctor here in Hawaii.
He was the second governor of Hawaii, so I think it's interesting
that he's got a medical school named after him.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Rain and a Flashback Friday...

I was laying in bed listening to the sound of the rain last night and
hoping it would help it cool down.
I was thinking about when it rained so much the rivers 

December 2008
(off Kam Hiway, where the shrimp trucks are)

I like the rain
but I don't like when it is out-of-control, indoor recess,
goes on for days and days,  and the lack of sun that comes with it...
but this rain now is a nice change.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Did Someone Turn Up The Heat?

it's felt like it the last few someone cranked up
the heat by a 100 degrees.  It really hasn't been that different temp wise,
but the HUGE difference is the lack of trade winds!

Doesn't seem like it would make any difference, but it does.
Lack of  trades=humidity
and that's the killer.

Last night I'd finally had it.  I felt like I needed just a little
relief.  Since hubby is on the mainland I could make a pretty
quick decision...
I went to Pizza Bob's in Haleiwa for their 1/2 price salad special.
It was pretty crowded, I think for two reasons, the specials and the heat.
I looked around it was pretty much all local people.
Were we all there for the same reason?
to escape the heat for a bit?  Probably.

Salad, DC, a magazine and AC= HEAVEN

came home took a cool shower and felt like almost everything 
was right in the world.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Never Forget...

I was thinking the other day that there's a whole generation
growing up that don't remember those feelings on 9/11.
Many of them were too young and we as parents and
teachers tried to shelter them from the horror of that day and 
those that followed.

I like the "National Day of Service" that was started as a way to 
remember those that were lost that day. Service is something that
should be given everyday, but today it should be done in remembrance
of September 11th.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This Is Me...

for the past couple of days...
gotta love the beginning of the school year.
Not really MIA, I can be found sleeping as much as possible.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Royal Hawaiian Hotel...Flashback Friday

I was looking at these photos of the Royal and realized that
when they re-did it several years ago they really did change
I used to walk all over those grounds...early morning, hot afternoons looking
for cool shade or the magical warm nights.
Been to weddings, concerts (those on the great lawn were special), brunch,
classes and self-trimmed some of their plants to use at funerals.

the biggest change I think is that in the renovation, they 
"de-pinked" it.
There's still a lot of pink but nothing like before...
I think I miss it.

On postcards that show Waikiki from the air...
there she is the "Pink Lady of Waikiki" right in the center.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Created A Monster...

Lauren taught Poppa how to do "mine craft " on the iPad 

when I came home this is what he was doing

she's created a monster...Oh Poppa

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Conch Shell Master...

I took the grands to Waimea Falls Park
and after having shave ice, they wanted to try some of the instruments.
Jack was able to blow the conch shell right away.
Lauren never could master it.