Sunday, May 23, 2010

Photo journey

My dear sister Penny just left after spending two weeks here. I've always felt that since people spent $$ to come here, why not show them a good time in a variety of ways. So we had something planned for EVERY day she was here. It was so much fun, but also we were exhausted many a night. She posted an alphabetical list of her's my alphabetical photo memories (missing a few letters...just not enough time to search the 450+ pics)
Auntie Leilani Alama

Court papers my dear, patient sister filed for us

Diamond Head

Ha at PCC

Graduation memories Hawaiian style

Graduation Girlies

>Kaamooloa Girls

Hula at the Hyatt

LOST locations

LOST props

LOST presented by the New York Times Talk>Makaleka

May Day at Sunset School

>Malasadas from Paalakai Bakery

Noodles at Turtle Bay

Princess Kaiulani opening night showing

Pink plumeria haku lei
Quilting at Iolani PalaceTurtles at Chuns Reef

Savers...2 1/2 hours spent there!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day is Lei Day

Make a lei
Give a lei
Wear a lei
Must be May Day!