Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall on the North Shore

Fall has come to the North Shore, Oahu.  Yesterday we had rain.  It was a "real" rain that lasted well into the night.  The street and yard are still wet this morning.  We need this rain so bad.  The hills are brown (not California brown) and this rain should help them green up a little.
 The North Shore has had it's first swell of the season, so there is the mist caused by the waves.  This makes looking towards Kaena look hazy.
 Mt. Kaala has more clouds than normal and they don't burn off until late, if they even do then.
I love the little change in the weather, but miss the calm water that makes swimming so nice.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ed and Laura's Special Day

Last weekend we were invited to be part of one of our favorite couple's special day.  Ed and Laura got married!  It was small, held at their favorite beach, full of love...just perfect!

Mahalo Ed and Laura for including me in your so very special day. 
Love you guys!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Solution

Over the last few months every time we head over to the Laie side, we've seen the progress on the wind machines.  Yesterday when I was going over that way, I noticed that they've actually started putting the blades on.  
We had attended the North Shore Neighborhood Board meeting (like a city council~sort of) when this project was presented.  This is a great idea to use the almost constant wind in the area to generate power.  The plan is eventually have all the North Shore "off the grid", where these will be selling back power to HECO. 
We both thought that as we understood it, you couldn't see them from Kam Hiway, but this appears not to be the case.  They are located on the Kahuku side of Turtle Bay before the shrimp farms.  Granted this is pretty far away from where I took the picture, I used my telephoto,...we just don't want it to look like those that you can see on the way to Palm Springs.
Hope this is a solution to our power needs without being too noticeable (pretend they're palm trees maybe).

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Saturday Soccer

Last Saturday was the start of soccer season.  We got to go to both kids games which was fun.  For 1 quarter Lauren played goalie, which is very nerve-wracking, but she likes it.
This was Jack's first year playing.  In his age division, the coaches are allowed on the field with them.  It's the funniest thing, the kids just run around in a swarm after the ball.  He had a great time!
Go Swarm and Go Ninjas!

Friday, September 17, 2010


Emerson Elle Moysa
September 16, 2010
6 lbs 11 oz
19 1/2inches

(after a very crazy trip getting there, I was so thankful that Geoff and Bri let me witness this miracle.  Bri did great and we're all thankful that Miss Emme wasn't the little "peanut" they thought she was going to be.)

Welcome Emme to our was love at first sight!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Beach Boy reunion 2010

Every year on Duke's birthday (or close to it), Dukes Waikiki is host to a "BeachBoy reunion".  We were lucky enough to be in Waikiki that day.  It was fun for Traci to get to see some old friends that she hasn't seen for many, many years.  It's always fun to connect with people that sometimes I don't see very often anymore. 
Since this was a Friday and there was music on the lower lanai at Dukes, the band called for the beachboys to come down and sing.  For any of you that are familar with this party (or any BB party for that matter), there is usually a lot of singing going on up at the big round table.  This time a lot of them actually came down and started singing.  I didn't realize that Uncle Billy had such a great voice! There was hula and singing of some old songs that brought back a lot of memories. 

Like Willie Grace said to me "this is so special because we just don't know who won't be here next year".  That's the truth and I think that's what I found so moving.  When the canoe from Aloha Beach Services paddled out to the line up and just sat there, I was wondering if they were thinking about everyone who's out there. 

Mahalo guys for another great party... good fun, good times.

Friday, September 10, 2010

A "Grand" visit

Traci & her family decided to take a sort of spur-of-the-moment trip here.  We all left LA on the same flight.  The Grands were so excited.  As soon as I got over there, I went to Wal Mart & bought some snorkels so the kids could practice in the MH pool, salt water and 88 degrees (almost like home).  That was the best thing I ever did.  They took right to it.  I wish that I'd had a recording of Jack the first time he saw fish!  You could hear him all the way to the beach yelling through his snorkle, "fish, fish".  It was pretty funny.  Lauren is a mermaid for sure, diving down to 15 feet!

So during their trip there were lots of beach days at Three Tables, Kaiaka, Turtle Bay and Waikiki.  We won't count the bummer day at Ko'olina (no fish or waves).  Eating at Dukes, and enjoying shave ice on the beach.  Snorkeling with mommy, daddy, poppa, Lauren and Jack all at the same time at Three Tables.  Jack actually falling asleep on the beach while watching the water.  Lauren going crazy in the shorebreak no matter what beach it was.  Jack learning how to sand slide, and breaking a boogie board.
Seeing so many humus and trying to identify all the fish off of the fish chart.  Lauren eating so much mochi, I thought she'd turn into a mochi. Watching the turtles at Turtle Bay and every other beach.
Just having a great time!

Thanks guys, you really are 'GRAND"
Love, Grammy