Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I was reading a recent article that caught my eye.
It has to do with the much publicized ranking of Honolulu as having
the #1 worst traffic in the nation.

Some thoughts...

* we only have 50 miles of freeway in the whole state...those being here
*our freeways are only 3-4 lanes wide, not 5-7 like in LA
*traffic is worse during the school year, once it ends flow seems to be better
*we do have carpool lanes, just getting people to carpool is a problem (like everywhere)
*Pearl Harbor is a HUGE employer and they try to stagger start/stop work times,
so we try and plan our trips   
*how can we be compared to the 405 at rush hour?

Think this "worst" deal may have been put out there
by the folks who want rail, and they don't care how much it will cost.

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