Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our Bug Catcher...

We've had a few windless evenings...so that brings out those 
darn flying termites that are attracted to the light in the living room...

but...thank goodness we have our ever-present,
ready to pounce gecko!
He is always ready and willing to guard our screen
against those pesky termites!


Le Mama! said...

oh we love ours too! I have a big green one in my kitchen. He always scares me when I open a cupboard or almost step on him. I'm glad he is there but that makes me worry that I must have a lot of bugs in my kitchen for him to want to live there!

Debra Owen said...

That’s a little guard you have there. I hope he’s doing a good job in catching all these pesky bugs for you. And thanks to the screen protector, nobody gets past this little guy. Haha! Stay safe, and make sure those flying critters won’t even get inside your home. Take care!

Debra Owen @ Invader Pest